Whatsapp for DUAL SIM Android Mobile Phones

whatsapp for dual sim2Every user from every corner of the globe can easily connect with his friends with WhatsApp. In the event you have a dual SIM Android Smartphone and want to use WhatsApp for two numbers, what to do?

Here you will find a how-to-do tutorial to help you use WhatsApp for two different numbers in your Android phone with dual SIM. OGWhatsApp is an app designed by one of the developers xda. With this application you will be able to handle WhatsApp x 2 sim, I mean two accounts in the same phone. The OGWhatsApp is an independent application that works on the version of WhatsApp and do not stop or alter the operation of WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp for two numbers Dual SIM Android Phone:

  • First you run the original WhatsApp and go to settings. Then make a backup copy of your messages to WhatsApp.
  • Now, with any file manager (ES File Manager), rename the folder   / sdcard / WhatsApp in  / sdcard / OGWhatsApp
  • Uninstall the original application on your device, then download and install OGWhatsApp .
  • Run the OGWhatsApp on the device and use the old cell phone number that you used in WhatsApp.
  • Now reinstall the official  WhatsApp  from Google Play Store and use the new mobile number to register. That’s it! From now on you will see two icons on the home screen WhatsApp, one with OG in the logo.

Apart from the Dual Sim number, there are more questions that are coming up about the Whatsapp App. One of them is about the phone number and how to managed it at best. The main question that pops up involves “NOT” using the phone number. There are those who don’t want to use their number. This is a weird way of doing things, but some choose to do this. There is an alternative.

1) Uninstall the current app, only saving pictures and video imaging.
2 Install the new app that only saves this footage.
3) Put your phone in flight mode and lock the app.

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4) Go in and verify your number, then verify that no messages will be sent to the number.
5) Install a forger number in your phone. Copy and paste the number to the system. This way you can send messages using a fake number, not your real one.

It used to be that you couldn’t control the amount of images you got bombarded with. Now you can. Just go into the setting and look at the menu. Look for “technical self-discharge.” Look for “using mobile data” and check the appropriate response. After this, you should be good to go. Now you should be able to control the amount of video and audio files you get into your message board.

This is a simple fix. There are those who don’t wish for others to see when they were last on. It tends to get annoying. You have people in your circle knowing when you are there and when you aren’t. If there is someone you wish to not speak too, this can be somewhat tricky. They tend to reach out to you and bother you. As I said, simple fix. Go into the application and look at the “last seen stamp.” Just switch it. Hide the stamp and everything will be cool.

We all run into this at times. There are certain messages, which you deleted, and now you want to get them back. They are all contained on an SD card. Go into the SD file and all messages for the past 7 days should be there. Look through them and tab the messages you want. The system should recover them without any issue.

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