Whatsapp for G-Tide E20

The G-Tide E20 is a mobile smartphone released primarily in India and other southwestern Asian nations. It is a full touchscreen and does connect to WiFi. This makes it possible to download applications directly to the mobile device, including WhatsApp. Due to this, now computer connection or external device is needed to setup the app.

G-Tide E20 Specs

The G-Tide E20 features a 3.2 inch color touchscreen, taking advantage of 240 by 320 pixels. It has a pixel density of 124 pixels per square inch. It features a dual SIM feature, although both SIMs must be GSM based. It has a .3 MP camera that uses an LED flash and it does come with digital zoom.
G-Tide E20
Some of the camera features include smile detection, continuous shooting, multi shot and scene identification.

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The G-Tide E20 does not support EDGE but it does have 3G connectivity, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB connectivity through the bottom based microUSB port. G-Tide E20 runs a Java operating system and offers a Java app manager on the phone. It also has a built in Internet browser, SMS and MMS services. FM radio is available on the phone, as is MP3 play back through the bull in speaker.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp
The Java application manager on the G-Tide E20 is able to download the application without external assistance. It is recommended to connect to a strong network before proceeding as it makes the download faster. The 3G network can take time, especially if the network is in peak usage. When using the phone,the App Store feature should be selected. Once the Java Application Store opens, the user should search for WhatsApp. Upon finding it they just need to download the app. It doesn’t cost anything to start up so no pay-activation is required.

Once the app has finished downloading it will appear on the screen through a new icon. If the individual is unable to find the app for whatever reason, it also appears by selecting the “Menu” icon and choosing “WhatsApp.”

This opens the installed app. The individual now needs to activate the application by associating their mobile phone number with the app. Once complete, the app scans the individual’s phonebook to see if any of the current contacts have an associated WhatsApp as well. After this has finished, the individual is able to use WhatsApp as their primary message system if they so choose.

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