Whatsapp for G-tide e30 – e31 – e33

The G-Tide E30

The G-Tide E30 is a small, touchscreen smartphone sold in India and other south Asian nations. The phone has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with 240 by 400 resolution and can produce 262,000 colors. It uses a MicroSD card and can store up to four GB worth of data. G-Tide E30The camera on the phone is a .3 MP with digital zoom and flash.

The apps platform on the G-Tide E30 is Java MIDP 2.0. However, it does not have Wi-Fi enabled on the device, so it downloads applications through a cellular network.

The G-Tide E31

The G-Tide E31 came out in 2013 and uses a dual mini SIM for connecting to mobile networks. It is a 2G GSM 900/1800 online mobile phone (no 3G or 4G). The picture size is a slight upgrade over the previous phone with a 320 by 480 resolution at 3.5 inches. it also has 4GB of internal memory and a MicroSD card slot that allows for an additional 32GB worth of storage. It does not support Wi-Fi, so all downloads occur through the 2G network or must be done on a computer and ported over to the mobile phone. The camera is a .3MP camera that supports up to 640 by 480 pictures with an LED flash.

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The G-Tide E33

The G-Tide E33 is one of the latest releases from G-Tide. It has a four inch screen which is a half inch larger than the E31. The mobile phone is able to support both 2G and 3G networking. It uses the same .3 MP camera as the other models and is able to record in VGA video. The device offers Internet GPRS unlike the previous models and it also comes with an antenna to listen to FM radio anywhere in the world as well.

The phone comes in blue, black and red and allows for three individual SIM cards. This makes it a viable international phone as a different SIM card can be inserted or used in a different nation so roaming fees do not apply. The device supports external memory of up to 8 GB through an inserted microSD card and, like the other two phones, it uses Java App for all of tis applications. WhatsApp is an application that is available for download and use on the G-Tide E33 like the other phone models.

Installing WhatsApp on the G-Tide e30, e31 and e33

These entry level phones are able to handle WhatsApp. The application can be accessed through the Java MIDP’s app store, although the carrier and country the phone is sold in does have a few variables (some Indian mobile phone companies have specific App Stores installed onto the device before selling it).

If the phone does not have an App Store immediately available on the device a user can visit the Java Community Process MIDP 2.0 page, download the application onto their computer and transfer the App Store over to the phone by connecting the phone through a USB cable. The app is installed by typing in “WhatsApp” into the search field and selecting it to download. After the download is complete the user needs to type in their cell phone number to associate it to their account and finish the installation setup to begin using the application

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