Whatsapp for Gtel G306 – G200 – G105

G-TeL is a mobile phone manufacturer based out of Zimbabwe. Most of the phones are marketed and sold throughout Zimbabwe and neighboring African nations. Many of the phones are similar to other, popular designs in other areas like the United States, Asia and Europe, while running slightly different software. The latest releases of the G-TeL lineup run a variation of Android, although The G-TeL G306, G200 and G105 run a JAVA operating system and take advantage of Skymobi G-Club applications. For individuals looking to download and install WhatsApp on the devices it is available, all without much of an issue.

G-TeL G306G-TeL G306
The G-TeL G306 is similar to the popular BlackBerry brand. It uses a full QWERTY keyboard and is water resistant. It uses GSM/GPRS/EDGE networking for making calls and sending text messages. It runs a JAVA based operating system (MTK OS) and uses Skymobi G-Club applications. The phone uses a 3MP camera for both video and still images, includes a media player and FM radio while offering 32MB of internal memory.

G-TeL G200
The G-TeL G200, better known as the G200 Dash, is a more traditional smartphone. It features a full screen touchscreen instead of the QWERTY keyboard. The screen is three inches in diameter, although it does provide physical buttons for “Menu” “Call” and “End.” The phone has a rear facing 3MP camera. It runs a JAVA operating system, although it is designed to look similar to a previous version of iOS. Individuals can download their favorite applications (including WhatsApp) through the Skymobi G-Club app store. There is 8GB worth of internal storage for new applications and audio storing. It also has GPS configuration built in as well. It originally hit the market in the last quarter of 2012.

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G-TeL G105
The G-TeL G105 uses a 2 inch LCD screen at the top of the device while housing a traditional, nine button dial pad underneath. It is still able to perform the same call and texting services as other G-Tel mobile phones, only it does not have a physical (or touchscreen) available. Users have a 2MP camera that also records 2MP for video as well. It offers an FM radio and runs off of a JAVA based operating system. With the mobile phone, it has 32MB of internal storage for saving applications onto the device, although more extensive apps outside of text messaging and instant messaging services is rather limited based on storage space. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, so all listening comes from an adapter plugged in through the micro USB port at the bottom of the phone.

Installation of WhatsApp
The download and installation of the application is rather straight forward. A user of any of the three mobile phones needs to open the Skymobi G-Club icon on the screen. They then need to type in “WhatsApp” into the search feature and select it for download. Momentarily the application will download onto the device and a new icon appears on the screen. The user then needs to select the new WhatsApp icon to start the activation process.

During activation, the user will enter in their mobile phone’s number and follow some general questions (birthday, email and others) to complete the process. Once set, the user can begin using WhatsApp on their G-TeL phone.

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