Whatsapp for Lava Iris 349 and 401e

The Lava Iris 349 is a great phone, it has a petium processor that works at one Ghz of speed and it comes with over two hundred and fifty megabytes of ram capability. This phone is able to store over five hundred megabytes of Ram memory.

Lava-Iris-349You can add even add additional memory by adding a micro SD memory card and it will expand your memory up to a total of thirty-two gigabytes of memory. It also comes with a two pixel camera on the rear of the phone, and has a three and a half inch touchscreen that has a great picture of 320 by 480 pixel resolution.

This phone is an android phone that uses two point three android software and is almost 116 mm by just over 61mm and is just over 13mm high and only weighs just over eighty-five grams. This phone is set up to carry two sim cards and is able to work with Wi-Fi, GPS, and bluetooth devices.

The Lava Iris 401e is a great deluxe smart phone that comes with a marvelous four inch touchscreen that has the brightness and resolution of 480 pxls. by 800 pxls. The Pentium processor works at a one Gigahertz speed and has a memory of over 500 megahertz of Ram storage in the phone that can actually be expanded to thirty-two gigabytes by adding an additional micro sd card and t his smart phone also has a great three pixel rear camera.

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This phone is an Android phone that runs on Android 2.3 software and has a battery that can be removed. This phone is one hundred twenty-four mm high by sixty three mm wide and only ten mm thick. This phone has the capability to use two (2) sim cards total and can alsobe used with any GPS system, Wi-Fi, and FM radios, it a l so is compatible to use . With any Bluetooth device. This phone is made from the company Lava International and they also owns Xolo which is another Android phone company.

The new and exciting app that everyone is using and is talking about that has you texting with all your friends is called Whatsapp. It is a great texting app you will just love using and what is even more exciting is the fact that it is compatible with the Lava Iris 349 and the 401e.

It is so easy to install the app on your phone so you can use it, go to the Google Play Store app that is already on your phone and go to the apps sections. Enter the name “Whatsapp app” in the search bar and it will bring the app up, then click on the green box that says “Install” and give it a few moments and it will install the app, you will see the numbers increasing as it is installing. When it gets to 100%, it is done installing.

It will then say “open”, now click on that button and the app is installed and is ready to use. You can now begin texting, follow the same steps for the Lava Iris 401e phone as you did here.

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