Whatsapp for Lg C105

The Lg C105 mobile phone uses a GMS network that was released in 2010. The screen itself is 2.2 inches and has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. Popular features such as Java allow for SNS integration, Facebook, Twitter apps, MSN Messenger, Voice Memo, as well as Weather Widget.
Lg C105
Along with these benefits, the battery life allows for less time on the charger. This phone has up to 600 hours of battery life and around 9 hours available for actual talk time. This phone is the phone to buy as it not only has a long battery life, but also can store up to 4 GB.

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After purchasing this phone, downloading certain apps such as Whatsapp is a simple task. To begin this process, click on the following link to find the website to download Whatsapp in the easiest manner. Once the link has been activated, right in the center of the website (without scrolling down) there is a download button. Click on this button that will bring you to the Whatsapp Messager 1.0 link. To know that this is the right spot, there will also be a bar code on this particular link.

The next step is to scroll down until the link that says FREE DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP MESSENGER FOR LG C105 is visible. Click on this button and it will jump to another link. Click on the phone that applies to what is owned. Once the button is clicked, another link will pop-up that will have a large green button that says download now. Click on this button which will make a download button pop-up. Click on the tab that says “open with” and then choose internet explorer option to open the file with.

The next simple step is to open up the file and click on the run button. This will begin the downloading process which may take a few minutes. If the file is not popping-up directly once the open with button is clicked on, proceed to open the file folder and click on the download tab. Under this tab, the desired file should be available. As stated before, click the run button to begin the process of downloading Whatsapp. From there, add the desired phone number to be used on the app and test it out when the downloading and the process is complete. The entire process of downloading Whatsapp should take less than 10 minutes.

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