Whatsapp for Oneplus One

How To Install Whatsapp On Oneplus One Phone.

The OnePlus One smartphone is one of the best high-end smartphones in the market. It has a sleekly unique ergonomic design that is easy to hold and carry in your pocket.

This smartphone comes with some of the top specs like a 3 GB ram, 401 ppi, 5.5-inch high definition display covered by a gorilla glass 3 protection.
Oneplus One
This specs combined with its Android-based CyanogenMod operating system give this phone a powerful top-notch performance at an affordable price. This smartphone is a must get for anyone who loves technology and is fascinated by performance.

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Here is how to download Whatsapp to your Oneplus One smartphone:
1. Since Oneplus One smartphones are android based, it is pretty simple to install Whatsapp. You first need to make sure that your phone has enough charge on its battery. Also, make sure that your phone has a working mobile data and switch the data connection on. If you can not access mobile data, make sure your phone is connected to a WiFi network that is working.

2. Touch the menu icon or swipe over your screen to access your phone’s inbuilt applications. Keep swiping until you reach an icon named Play Store on your phone. Touch on the Play Store icon and a new window will open in your phone.

3. When the new window opens it will direct you to either of the two windows; if you signed in to your Google account using your Google email when you first used your phone, you will be taken directly to the Google Play Store window; in case you did not sign in to your Google account on your phone you will be taken to sign in window. In this window you will be required to sign in to your Google account, if you do not have an account you will have an option of creating one. After this, you will be directed to the Google Play Store window.

4. On the Google Play Store homepage, touch on the “search” icon and type in Whatsapp. The application results will appear, you have to make sure it is a Whatsapp application from Whatsapp Inc. Touch on the application and click install or download on the next window. The application will be downloaded when done touch on the “launch” icon to start the application.

You can find the application on your applications menu. You can also download Whatsapp from non-market sources. Just go to settings and allow installation of non-market applications. Then go to your non-market source and follow their download and installation instructions

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