Whatsapp for QMOBILE a30 – a34 – a110

How successful is Whatsapp? Well, once the news surfaced that Facebook acquired the messaging app for a reported $19 billion, Whatsapp suddenly jumped into seventh place as the most popular downloaded app in all smartphone stores.
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Whatsapp for Qmobile a30 - a34 - a110The QMobile A30 is a  Touch Screen Released on October, 2013 by the Pakistan company QMobile. It features a 2 MP Camera with Flash LED, a 1500 mAh Battery and a 3.5 Inches HVGA LCD Display.  The A34 model has a larger display and the a110 model a better camera and a more powerful Battery.

If you are trying to install Whatsapp on any of those smartphones you will notice that Facebook did not release a full working version for them. The reason? The QMOBILE a30, a34 and a110 (exactly as theQMOBILE e860 – e880 – e890 – e950 presented her) run a propetary JAVA OS which is not compatible with the defaul versions of Whatsapp.

The solution? Quite easy! Just follow the step-by-step guide to install JAVA on (virtually) every phone published here.

Except for the above mobile phones, Whatsapp is compatible with almost every mobile operating system available in the marketplace today. All users love how easy it is to send unlimited messages (text, audio or images) to anyone anywhere in the world at no extra cost. Only a data connection from a service provider or a WiFi feed is required. Here below I’ve added a few extra-tips for better usage of Whatsapp on your Qmobile phone:

Changing Your Status

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Changing your status to reflect your current availability is a very important tool for busy individuals. Accessing this feature is easy on Whatsapp, just tap the “Status” icon in the upper right-hand corner and select a preset message or create your own that can be sent out to all at once.

Changing Background
If you’re tired of looking at the same old boring background on your chat screen, well, there’s hope for you. Simply, choose another option by selecting the “Wallpaper” icon in the chat menu. You can choose any picture from the photo album on your smartphone or select a colorful background offered by Whatsapp.

Recapturing Deleted Messages
The majority of smartphone users often want to recapture deleted messages from heated conversations. Whatsapp has a feature to recover those messages, as the app defaults all conversation to the SD Card. These files can be open by using the text editor feature on your smartphone.

Sharing ZIP Files
You can share ZIP files with others by using DropBox and CloudSend apps on your smartphone. First, open the file in CloudSend, then you’ll be prompted a link with DropBox is required. Click okay, and the file will automatically be uploaded to the DropBox server, as this will allow you to share with friends via Whatsapp.

Conversing Shortcut
If you’re tired of having to launch Whatsapp every time you want to converse with others, then create a shortcut icon on your smartphone. To create this shortcut, choose the “More” icon in the chat menu on Whatsapp, then tap “Add Conversation” shortcut to your home screen. Just tap the icon to retrieve a name from your contact list and begin conversing with them.

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