Whatsapp for Qmobile X5

Qmobile X5 is a new special smart phone with hilarious features. The phone comes with a T.V receiver that is inbuilt, a metal class, quality design and clear quality camera of 5mega pixels. The handset works with two sim cards; it has a powerful dual-core processor a RAM memory of 256mb and an internal memory of 512mb. The phones design is unique and eye-catching a screen display of HD LCD, QVGA. It also has inbuilt games, a memory card of 16 GM and can accommodate up to 1000 contacts. It comes in white color.

How to download and install WhatsApp in Qmobile X5.
Qmobile X5

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It is easy to download WhatsApp for Qmobile X5 since it already has an operating system for androids different from other models of Qmobile. Confirm that you have switched on your data connectivity or are connected to a wireless internet. Then you download WhatsApp Mobile from the Google play store of the phone this is by clicking on your Google play store, and then on the search part type WhatsApp for Qmobile X5 and it will bring the perfect application. An Android phone has Google play store; alternatively, you can go to the WhatsApp website with the link  and type download WhatsApp version for Qmobile X5. From there an option of the download will appear which you click to start downloading. Whatsapp places its Apk File directly in the website.

After selecting the download option, either in the WhatsApp website or the play store, choose the location of your downloading file. That is either in the SD card or in the internal memory. Identify the location that your downloaded file will go to. Then go to the settings on your Qmobile X5 and select security. Open the security tab and then scroll down the security tab to unknown sources and then click check.

If you have checked the unknown sources, then find the WhatsApp APK file that you downloaded earlier on and click open to initiate the installation process. The file most probably will appear as downloads. Click on the file to open it and it will automatically start the installation process. If the whole process fails, you might have to check if internet connectivity of your Qmobile X5 is okay and is also up to date. Also, confirm your date configurations as it can hinder the proper functioning of your WhatsApp APK. It is also good to ensure that there is no replica of an expired WhatsApp version in your phone.

The procedure will alternatively work considering that Qmobile X5 is a smartphone with a high rated internet speed. Failure of the two alternatives means that the model of the phone could be different, or the phone has some other technical problems.

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