Whatsapp for Sony Ericsson k800 and k800i

The Sony Ericsson k800 and k800i are a great alternative to the Blackberry, which has proved to be quite popular. The Sony Ericsson k800 and k800i both have a 240x320px screen with a two inch diagonal display. Navigation is accomplished by means of both a joystick and keypad. the phone runs Java version MIDP 2.0. 64MB of internal memory allows you to make good use of the 3.16 megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson k800 and k800iThe physical size of the phone is not overly large at 105x47x22mm and 115gr. Ringtones can be set in a variety of formats including MP3 and polyphonic. The phones also comes equipped with USB, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity options.

There are two ways to install the popular chat program Whatsapp on the Sony Ericsson k800 and k800i and open up an entire world of chatting and social interactions. Select the one that suits you best, depending on the amount of data available on your phone.

1. Google Play Store

Open Google Play store by clicking on the icon, which should be available in the menu of your phone.
– Use the search functionality native to the Google Play store to find the official Whatsapp download. You will know it to be the official version by its distinctive green speech bubble logo.
– Select the app by clicking on it in the search results.
– Once the description page has loaded, select “Install” near the top of the page.

Your phone should do the rest and install Whatsapp for you.
– Once the app has been installed, you will need to set it up. Start by opening the app by clicking on the icon in your menu.
– Fill in all the fields that the app requires information for. This will include items such as your phone number and a profile picture.
– Once you have completed the setup, you are ready to go.

2. Official Whatsapp Website

In order to download and install Whatsapp from the official website you will need to permit the installation of Unknown Sources. Remember to turn it off again after you have installed Whatsapp for your own protection.
Go to “Settings” and select “Applications” and check “Unknown Sources”

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Navigate to the official site
Download the Whatsapp APK to your phone.

Installation instructions:

If you have downloaded Whatsapp directly to your phone, follow the following instructions:

– Open File Explorer on your phone.
– Navigate to your downloads.
– Click on the Whatsapp file which you have just downloaded.
– Follow the instructions to install and setup Whatsapp.

If you have downloaded Whatsapp to your computer, follow the following instructions:
– Connect your phone to your computer
Transfer the downloaded Whatsapp file to your phone.
Click on the file.
– Follow the instructions to install and setup Whatsapp.

One of the great things about Whatsapp is that you do not need to load any contacts into the app. It automatically detects your phone’s saved contacts and allows you to chat to any existing contact who has already installed Whatsapp.

If you ever change phone numbers – do not worry. It is possible to have a dedicated Whatsapp phone number which you can run on a phone using a different phone number. You simply complete the setup using your original phone number.

Once you have Whatsapp installed, ensure that you have data available to you and send out a notification to all your friends and get chatting!

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