Whatsapp for T-Mobile Dash

The T-Mobile Dash is a BlackBerry like mobile phone that features a small QWERTY keyboard at the base of the phone with a smaller screen at the top. The mobile phone also goes by the name of HTC Excalibur and originally hit the market on October 16, 2006.

Despite the age, it does have some nice features and it has the ability to use WhatsApp. It just requires a few additional steps from what a current model phone might require.
T-Mobile Dash
Tech Specs
The T-Mobile Dash is a T-Mobile exclusive phone in the United States, although it is available for other markets around the world. It uses GSM based cell technology and takes advantage of 3G EDGE and GPRS for data transmission.

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The screen is 2.4 inches in diagonal size and a native resolution of 320 by 240. The device does offer Bluetooth and Internet browsing. The T-Mobile Dash supports microSD for additional storage on the device, such as music (it does offer MP3 audio playback). The digital camera is 1.3 pixels with video recording capability. Audio files can be recorded on the phone in AAC, AMR, MPR, WAV and WMA.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp
The T-Mobile Dash does not have a native App store, so downloading the application directly is not an option. The phone came out before the existence of true application centers on mobile devices, but there is a work around for the phone.

First, a microSD card needs to be inserted. Without the card there is not enough memory on the device to support the larger application and still run the OS smoothly. The Internet browser on the phone should be launched and the user needs to go to this site:

It is designed for BlackBerry based mobile phones but works for the T-Mobile Dash due to the OS and programming similarities. Depending on the networking speed, it may take several minutes for the download to complete (it is recommended to connect over Wi-Fi if at all possible). Once the file has finished downloading it will appear as a folder on the desktop.

Select the folder to open the installation wizard. This walks the user through several steps, including the association of their mobile phone number. It can have some trouble scanning through the phone book on these devices, so a user needs to manually include the phone numbers once installation is complete. Once finished, the individual is able to use the application

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