Whatsapp for T-Mobile Sidekick Lx 2009

The T-mobile Sidekick Lx 2009 is a great smartphone for someone who still isn’t quite comfortable with the newer smartphones.

It features a full QWERTY keyboard, back facing camera, and has 3G capabilities. Storage space starts at 1 GB but an SD card can be inserted to give your phone some extra storage space if need be.
T-Mobile Sidekick Lx 2009
This phone is great if all you need to do is send text messages, email, or update your social media account. With a standby battery time of 192 hours this phone will last without a charge for much longer than most phones on the market today.

Downloading the Whatsapp app on this phone is a very easy task. To install the app you will need to go this their website and download the android version to your computer; make sure that you know where your downloads go on your computer, they by default go to the downloads folder but you can choose to have it saved anywhere you’d like.

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Once the program has been downloaded simply plug your phone into your computer using a micro-usb to usb cable. Open your phones directory and find the folder named Apps, this folder can usually be found right when you open your phone’s folder but it may also be under a folder named Data.

The app should install automatically and be ready to use after your phone is unplugged from the computer.

If your phone has the Google Play store installed on it already, the process is even easier. Simply open the store and search for Whatsapp in the search bar. Once you find the app, simply tell your phone to download and install it.

This method will take up data since you’ll be using your 3g data to download an app, but the app should be small and it won’t make too large a dent. This method is by far the easiest method, however if your phone is not running on at least android OS 2.1 or above the app probably won’t show up in the store. If this is the case simply update your phones software and check the google store again.

Downloading Whatsapp is easy to do and can save you money in the long run with the free messaging capabilities.