Whatsapp for XIAOMI Redmi

Whatsapp for Xiaomi RedmiWhatsApp is quite simply the most popular app available for both Android and iPhone users alike and different. While it’s so popular due to how simple and user-friendly it is, it also does its job and helps the users chat and interact with others in a clean, simple design.

And while Android and iPhone’s might be the most popular phone models on the market, they’re not the only ones. Users who have the Xiomi Redmi also have the same chance to download the app, have fun with it and use it to their full advantage, and still get all the same amazing features and abilities that users with other device platforms have.

One issue that a lot of Xiomi Redmi users have been having after officially downloading and installing is that they don’t know how to get their contacts into the apps own version of a phone book. If you’re a longtime user of WhatsApp or a greenie, the WhatsApp allows you to use your phones contact lists to transfer the contacts over so you don’t have to reenter them all again (though they’ll only be able to take information from your phone if you allow them). But a pressing issue for these users is that they’re seeing “No WhatsApp contacts” when they open and engage in the app. So this poses the question, how do we fix it?

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There are a few simple steps to fix having no contacts after opening and installing:

  • Open your WhatsApp
  •  Click on “Add Contacts”
  •  Open the “Security” app
  •  Click “permission” in the bottom left corner
  •  Click “manage app permissions”
  •  At the top, click “apps”
  • Search for WhatsApp in the list of your current downloaded or installed apps
  • Next, click “trust this app”

When you click this, you’ll be given a notification that says, “You will not be notified when this app executes security or privacy related actions”. If you click “OK”, you’re giving them permission to have access to your phone. Keep this in mind.

After you do this, open the WhatsApp again and go back to “add contacts”. In the top you’ll see a refresh button. Click this, wait a few seconds and all your contacts will be loaded into the apps phone book.

This is a simple fix to a common problem that most users face, but once it’s solved, you be back up and running in no time.

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