Whatsapp Vs Bbm – Who is the winner?

Whatsapp Vs BbmThe Differences Between Whatsapp and Bbm

At the core, these two programs are somewhat similar. It’s only when we really look into the details, we find that there are some major differences. Let’s look into these features below.

1)You can invite friends to join you through places like Google and Google hangout. You can also invite them through Skype, Facebook and SMS.
2) With your address book, you can auto-date.
3) When you register for this program, you can use your cell phone.
4) You can get into the chat room and get involved with things like the emoticons and voicemail. There is also the gallery and camera features.
5) You can do broadcast and group chats. The only thing you can not use with this program are the widgets.
6) You can make adjustments with the chats, as in the layouts and the notifications.
7) You can receive direct calls from your contacts.
8) You can even block messages and other contacts. This comes in handy when someone you don’t want to reach you, is trying to reach you.
9) This program is free for one year. After that, you have to pay .99 cents for it. That’s .99 cents for each year you want to use it.


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1) You can invite friends to hangout with you by these few options. You can use SMS, email, NFC, PIN or a QR CODE scan.
2) This program won’t allow the function of the address book auto-date.
3) The only way you can register this program is through an email account.
4) You can get into chats with others. You can use emoticons and things of that nature. You can do voicemail. You can even add another chat room partner if you want.
5) You can do things like broadcasting and group chats. Widgets are also made available to you, when using this program.
6) With this program you can ping people.
7) The same blocking feature that Whatsapp offers comes with this program too.
8) The best part about this program is it’s completely free. It’s free for the first year and every year after.

So far, Whatsapp has been the winner. If you are an Android or iOS user, more of you are likely to side with Whatsapp. The stats I found have pretty much backed it up.

Is there a chance that BBM could come out on top? It’s hard to say right now, really. The best part of the BBM program is the chat and messenger feature. That is what users love the most. It’s the one thing that gets people to sign on. Is this feature enough to get people to switch and stay with BBM?

Aside from the messenger aspect, the other core strengths involve the core targeted audience. BBM offers more advantages to students and business crowds. Plus, you don’t have to get “locked in to anything” by using your phone number. Your ID is emailed to you and you use that. Simple and straight-forward.

Look over the facts, then judge for yourself. Would those features be enough for you?

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