Whatsapp vs Instagram: who posts a better pic?

Whatsapp vs InstagramWhatsapp vs Instagram
In the battle for the best social sharing app, there is a new contender. Whatsapp is shaping up to be a one-stop shop for sharing content with all your friends.

In this comparison, we shall see which is the better app for sharing your lives via photos. Instagram has been around for a few years and has been the top instant photo sharing app on your mobile phone. Whatsapp is gaining a lot of ground in this area. Will Whatsapp de-throne Instagram as top app for photo-sharing? There are five key areas in which we will compare these two apps.

Currently Whatsapp scales down your photos and implements a higher compression ratio to keep file’s sizes down in order to speed up the transfer of your photos. This may have a negative effect on your pictures. Instagram also scales your photos, but they don’t compression your files as much as Whatsapp. This help improves the speed of sharing your photos and gives you a better picture quality. At the moment, the maximum sizes for Whatsapp are 500×900. Instagram uses a Polaroid like resolution of 640×640. While Instagram pictures are a bit smaller, they don’t suffer from the noise from compression that Whatsapp photos do. In this case, Instagram is still the winner.

Whatsapp is only available on your mobile phones. There is currently no official way to send or receive pictures on your desktop. Instagram, while still primarily a mobile app allows you to view your feed on a desktop. You still need to use your phone’s app to send Instagram photos. This gives Instagram an advantage over Whatsapp. Score one for Instagram.

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Whatsapp has over 500 million users at the moment. Currently, Instagram has just over 300 million active users on their platform. This gives Whatsapp a larger user base, despite the fact that Instagram has more photos per day being shared. AS far as the sheer number of people on a given platform, this battle goes to Whatsapp.

Ease of Use
Both apps are very easy to use. Whatsapp seems a little more complicated but not by much. Instagram is very intuitive and simple to operate. They have a few buttons on the top of their app that are fairly self-explanitory. In Whatsapp, there are no filters to use so they are a bit simpler to use. Instagram gives you the ability to use different filters and to adjust the color of your photos. While a little more complicated, it does not take long to figure out how to use the app. Whatsapp is a bit easier to use so they win this round.

Instagram is free to use if you don’t mind a well placed ad or two. While ad-supported, Instagram does it tastefully. These ads does not interfeir with your experience or get in your way. Whatsapp is free for the first year, but they don’t use ads in their app. If you hate ads, Whatsapp wins out. If your don’t mind ad-supported apps, then Instagtram is cheaper to use in the long run. Whatsapp is now tied with Instagram.

Overall, both apps are fine for sharing photos. Instagram has better quality but a bit slower. Whatsapp is better if you’re constantly on the go and have limited connections. They upload their pictures pretty quickly even if the photos are not as good as Instagram. In this comparison, both Instagram and Whatsapp are tied. Since both apps are own by the same company as Facebook, you can’t go wrong with either. Use Instagram to capture those special moments and keep the food shots on Whatsapp.

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