Whatsapp for TWO NUMBERS

DUALSimWhatsapp is the most popular messaging application for mobile devices today. With more and more people using mobile devices than any other technological advance today, Whatsapp has been embraced as the app the mobile device was missing because it eliminates the need for calling and SMS.

There is a constant need for mobile users to use one cell phone and two numbers, and today there is a way to do that also with Whats-App. OGWhatsApp is the new app for adding two numbers with Whatsapp. Actually is a modded version of the Official WhatsApp which can be installed into any android device and, better than ever, it does not require a rooted device !

To include two numbers you will need to first install the OGwhatsapp client, then follow the prompts until it asks you to verify your old number. Once you have verified your old number open the original whatsapp and it will (firstly) say there is a connection problem. Ignore the error message and verify your number again. Here is when you enter the second number and click verify. Yes, It is that simple! At that point both numbers are installed and verified on your mobile phone and ready to use.

whatsapp for two numbers

Please note also that currently The OGwhatsapp is not available on iPhone or other windows devices.Keep in mind that when you install the OGWhatsapp you must first clear all the data in the application manager, so be sure to backup your files before installing it, by following these steps:

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1.Launch the WhatsApp Messenger.
2.Press the Menu button on your device.
3.Tap on the Settings tab.
4.Tap on Chat Settings tab.
5.Select the option for Backup Conversations.

Whatsapp and the OGwhatsapp are an exclusive benefit for owning an android device compared to iPhone or other smartphone’s Os. There are a couple other additional extra-options for setting up OGwhatsapp, one allows you to change the messenger icons (to one of nine different colors) and the other to change the Whatsapp notification bar icon to 11 different color choices.

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