Whatsapp for UBUNTU 10.04 – 12.04 – 14.04 – free download

Whatsapp for ubuntu 10.04 - 12.04 - 14.04Finally the most awaited application for Ubuntu users is developed and ready for Ubuntu users.

The developers have focused on keeping the User interface very similar to what you see on your mobile phones and yet in the back ground worked on smooth integration and bug free implementation.

One can choose from a variety of methods to use Whatsapp in Ubuntu.

Well, you will find installing WhatsApp on Ubuntu is a little different from installing it in Windows operating system. First you need to install the Android emulator.

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That is as simple as searching in Google and downloading it. Now that it has been done you have to make a copy of it in the home folder and Unzip it.

Once that has been done just open the folder Android-sdk-linux and then on tools. After that double click on the file named Android to run the application. You will see a window with several files will be seen. Just click on tools and then Android 2.3.3 and then you will see a button with the caption “Install Package”.

Click on “Accept All” and click on “Install”. All you need to do is just wait for a few minutes for the process to be completed. Then go to menu “Tools” and select the option “Manage AVD’s”. Click on “New” and fill in the required information. After that just click on “Create AVD”, click “OK” and then return to the AVD’s selection window and select “Android 2.3” and click “Start”.

Click on “Launch” and the default setting will be implemented. This will set up the emulation and we can search the application “Whatsapp for Ubuntu” using the search icon. Just follow the easy instructions on the screen to setup the app. Congratulation; you will soon see the WhatsApp icon for Ubuntu in the apps menu. Its all setup and ready to use.

So, get connected to your friends and family. Thanks to the developers of the application you can now communicate with others across the other OS platforms. All you need to do now is to make sure that any updates from the developers be installed when available and prompted for.

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