Whatsapp for ALCATEL

Whatsapp for AlcatelThe new Whatsapp can be easily installed on your Alcatel One Touch 3040, One Touch 918 or Touch Pixi 4007 communications device. You can use the following instructions to install and access this cutting-edge application for its many features:

Alcatel One Touch 3040
Your One Touch 3040 from Alcatel can be enhanced with this newer version of the Whatsapp. You simply need to either download this application to your personal computer or add the new messenger with the programming instructions that are given below.

1. Your first step is to open your app drawer on your personal computer or communications device.

2. Press the button that is shaped like a grid. This feature is located on most computer screens in a lower right hand corner. Your programming action will open your app drawer and allow you to add the Whatsapp to your own device.

3. Look for the app called Google Play, if you are installing this messenger app on a home personal computer. This Google icon is shaped like a white shopping bag with a right pointed triangle in its center.

4. You will need to launch Google Play by pressing this direction icon only once. This action begins a processing of your Whatsapp for your own Internet system. Use the search selection by touching the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner of your home computer screen.

5. You can use the on screen keyboard to type the direction “whatsapp” and search for a computer function that connects and, then, installs your app that you want to add. Your computer system will find the application and locate a space to install it for you.

6. You can install Whatsapp by following the on screen prompts that are given through a Google Play option. Your own Whatsapp should be ready for use after you restart your smartphone handheld device or home personal computer. You will see the progress of your new messenger app, as it is installed and, then, is ready for use.

Alcatel One Touch 918

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The One Touch 918 is a type of mobile phone that runs an Android operating system or OS. You will need an unlimited data plan in order for the Whatsapp to run correctly on a handheld device or other type of mobile Internet data operating system. Your mobile phone should indicate to you that your new messenger system is ready for use, with a text message, for example.

1. Enter the link that you wish to install, the Whatsapp, in your mobile browser window, and the launch instructions will be available on your screen. Most handheld operating systems have their own method of installing any application that you wish to use. Each device has a unique operating system and its own set of installation directions, but the general idea is that you are using a mobile address window and typing your app address link in this window for installation.

2. New messenger systems for your mobile device will have an Internet linking method that is displayed on your screen. A system’s command box appears, and you can follow your system installation.

3. You can scan the QR operating code and begin a new installation on your One Touch 918, also. This scanning process is the same as entering a link into your mobile browser. You will need to follow the prompts on the screen, in some instances. Most of the time, this type of installation is automatic, once it begins.

Alcatel Touch Pixi 4007

Alcatel Touch Pixi 4007
The new Touch Pixi 4007 can be enhanced with a new Whatsapp. The following instructions are important directions for installing this new messenger system:

1. The new Touch Pixi 4007 is a phone that has a single click operating method. This feature allows an additional access for ad-ons and important applications including the Whatsapp.

2. You will need to enter the link for Whatsapp in your mobile browser for this mobile device. This allows your Touch Pixi 4007 to begin finding the messenger app and to begin locating a space for its installation.

3. Be sure to follow the on screen prompts to begin processing the Whatsapp messenger onto your mobile device. Most mobile installations are automatic, however, once you type in the link that you wish to add to your mobile system.

4. You can scan the QR code with your Touch Pixi, and this process will add the Whatsapp into your mobile phone.

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