WhatsApp For BluestacksBlueStacks is a service that allows individuals to play and watch content from their mobile device on a larger screen, such as a computer.

Sometimes it just is not possible to view everything on the smaller screen of a mobile device, so connecting and syncing the information from the mobile phone is a good idea. Now, if you are looking at using your WhatsApp on BlueStacks, it is helpful for viewing video and images, not to mention texting if you are working on your computer and you do not want to constantly check your different screens. In order to get this to work, you need to install a few different applications.

First, you need to install the WhatsApp application onto your mobile device. WhatsApp is able to run on any major operating system, such as Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry. You need to head to the specific application store on their mobile device, type in “WhatsApp” into the search field, then download it and install the device onto you phone. Once WhatsApp is installed onto your phone, you need to launch the application, then type in your phone number into the requested field and have the device search over all your current contacts in order to find ones that also are using WhatsApp on their own devices.

With WhatsApp installed on the phone, the BlueStacks application needs to be downloaded and installed onto the users phone. Again, you just need to head on over to your App Store, type in “BlueStacks” and have it download and install onto the device. It is free to use, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem downloading and installing it.

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With BlueStacks now running on your mobile device, head over to BlueStacks.com on your computer. There is going to be a different download link based on what computer operating system you are using. There is a Mac OS X download link, and there is a Windows download link. You can use any version of Windows dating back to XP. After you have clicked the download link and it has finished downloading, launch the downloaded file and follow the installation prompts in order to complete the installation process.

With everything installed, launch the BlueStacks program on your computer, followed by the BlueStocks application on your mobile device. Make sure you have the Bluetooth feature enabled on both your mobile device and on your computer system. You can access this on the menu of both your phone and your computer. The devices are going to connect together and the BlueStacks software on your computer is going to ask if you want to mirror the content onto the computer.

Select the “Yes” option and whatever is on your mobile device is going to appear onto the computer screen. With it running properly, head on over to the WhatsApp icon on your mobile phone and launch it. You can now view WhatsApp on your computer screen, look at received photos and videos, plus you can view the text messages on the larger screen.

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