Whatsapp for ENTERPRISE

whatsapp-for-enterprise10 Ways to Use Whatsapp for ENTERPRISE and Big Business

There are so many useful and time-saving strategies that enterprises and other large and even small businesses around the world can use the wildly successful Whatsapp mobile messaging application to spread the word that they are in operation and to maintain business and customer relationships that have already been established.

While a lot of the world’s population is connected via the internet, most are not, especially in developing countries, but this fact does not stop entrepreneurs from striking out on their own with their business idea. Whatsapp mobile messaging is used by them to develop and maintain business to business (B2B) relationships as well as the all important customer to business relationships.

In order to maintain your business performance and grow, you should know what some alternatives are to traditional, more expensive business to business and customer to business communication methods. Here are ten ideas to help you start thinking about more strategic ways to benefit from using Whatsapp:

1. Post pictures of items for sale, and send them to the individuals on your list of contacts.
2. Post a business meeting memo and quickly send it to all of your business colleagues.
3. Use Whatsapp’s clean and easy-to-use interface to send out mass business promotions to your list, while also spreading your influence to the friends of those on your list that may have the same interests as them.
4. As described more indepth above, advertising your business through Whatsapp is sure to get the word out that you are a serious entity who is looking for customers to serve.

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5. Whatsapp can become your online business’s contact center for those who may want to inquire about your products or services.
6. If you do not have landlines at your company, which for today, is very doable, Whatsapp can be an easy alternative for in-house communication.
Whatsapp for ENTERPRISE def

7. If you are unable to attend a business meeting for any unspecified reasons, a colleague can use Whatsapp to communicate the bullet points of what is being said and what the outcome of the meeting may be, if any particular outcome is had.
8. Whatsapp can become the main line of communication for those of you whom have no means of obtaining expensive mobile internet service or wifi.
9. Use Whatsapp to answer specific questions directly from a potential customer’s mobile device. This helps you maintain your attainability to your potential and current customers or clients.
10. Whatsapp can be used by your business or enterprise to keep track of your business performance and demographics so that you can grow financially.

These are just a few strategies to promote and grow your business in less time and with less cost to you.

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