Whatsapp for DUAL SIM

Whatsapp for Dual SIMToday there’s a limitation of Whatsapp which prevents usage of this application on devices with dual SIMs.
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Therefore, many users can’t utilize Whatsapp accounts with single number on dual-SIM phones. Although the users can provide their numbers to the people they wish to connect with, it’s difficult to manage various numbers for personal and business contacts. Recently, many of the most famous Android smartphones are starting to have dual-SIM support. Those smartphones with dual SIMs are able to use multiple (different) mobile networks.

If you have dual-SIM smartphones running on Android platform, and want the 2 SIMs activated for Whatsapp, then you must read this article. Users generally need to activate dual-SIMs because they want to talk to both the professional and personal contacts simultaneously. Previously these users could do nothing about it. However, an app has been launched that can be utilized for the user’s other number. The app has been created by an expert at XDA Developers Forum.

The application is called OGWhatsApp and you shouldn’t get confused between the new Whatsapp Plus and OGWhatsApp. Whatsapp Plus requires the users to delete their original Whatsapp for proper functioning, while OGWhatsApp behaves as the independent app and doesn’t alter Whatsapp functioning.

Features Provided by OGWhatsApp for Android
Here, a complete list of features of this fantastic dual sim app:

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  • The users can utilize 2 numbers simultaneously on a single device.
  • The users can take backup of information and data from the original Whatsapp. Then the data and information can be restored to OGWhatsApp.
  • The app icon can be chosen.
  • The users can copy their contacts’ status efficiently.
  • The best OGWhatsApp feature is that the users don’t need to download videos or images. They can preview the videos or images directly without downloading.
  • The videos can be played online with MX Player.
  • The chat functions are identical to that of Whatsapp.The installation procedure of OGWhatsApp on Android devices The users should consider these installation guidelines.
  • The OGWhatsApp installation procedure is similar to installation of other Android apps. After downloading the apk file, the users must open that file to initiate the procedure. The apk files can be obtained from external sources too. However, prior to installation, the users must ensure that all info and data from original Whatsapp are received by the new app.
  • The Whatsapp messages should be backed up by the users.
  • From the file manager, the folder name “/sdcard/Whatsapp” should be changed to “/sdcard/OGWhatsApp”.
  • Then the users should download OGWhatsApp apk file preferably from trustworthy sources.
  • The Whatsapp application should be re-installed from Play Store. Now with original Whatsapp, re-register the original account as well as the new account.

That will conclude the installation procedure. After successful completion, the home screen or app drawer should be checked by the user. Both the apps can be utilized by the users (each app for a single number). Since the users are utilizing 2 numbers separately in 2 apps, they shouldn’t play around with phone number settings after the installation.

We’ll now reveal alternative options for utilizing 2 Whatsapp accounts on single device.

The requirements for this include

  • A rooted Android phone or other Android device
  • SwitchMe Multiple Accounts application program should be downloaded by the users from their Android device’s app store. After successful download, the app should be installed.
  • SwitchMe app enables the users to work in several user spaces with the accounts having their own settings such as apps, login data, and other settings.
  • After that Whatsapp should be downloaded in the phone and installed. The phone should contain adequate memory space.

After the completion of above procedure, some steps should be followed for utilizing 2 Whatsapp accounts:

Run the SwitchMe app on rooted Android phone.
For running the 2 accounts, 2 separate user profiles should be created in SwitchMe app.
Generally the first profile acts as the administrator profile.
After opening the SwitchMe app, activate first profile and then register Whatsapp account.
Then again activate second SwitchMe app profile and then register the second Whatsapp account.

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