Whatsapp for WINDOWS 7 Computers

Whatsapp for computer windows 7Getting WhatsApp running on a computer with Windows 7 is a little bit tricky. WhatsApp doesn’t provide a native application from their website to run on Windows, but you can still run WhatsApp on a Windows PC. I’ll show you a few tricks below.

The first way to run this messaging application from your Windows 7 PC is to download Andy. Andy is a free Android emulator that will let you run Android apps directly on your Windows 7 machine. It works a lot better than BlueStacks, so I highly recommend it.

Andy comes complete with Google Play store. Once you get Andy installed by following the instructions, you can download WhatsApp from the Google Play store just like on an Android device. You can use any Google account to login to the play store. You probably already have a gmail or YouTube account, if so you can use it, if not you can easily register one.

If you use the same Google account in Andy that you use on your Android device, all of your data will be synced between devices. That means all of your WhatsApp messages will be saved on both devices. So when you’re ready to leave you can pick up your conversations on your Android phone.

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Using Andy is great because you can sync your data and messages. If you don’t have an Android device you will probably just want to install the Watsapp program on your Windows 7 machine. This program is free and will allow you to access the WhatsApp network for messaging. The only downside is that your conversations and data won’t be synced like with Andy.

Once you download Wassapp you can follow the instructions on the screen to get started. You can register a new account or use your current one. You will be able to login to Wassapp just like you do on WhatsApp.

Finding your password for your WhatsApp account might be a little tricky. Sometimes it’s the IMEI number on your phone, but not always. You can always use the forgotten password link in Wassapp to reset your password and begin using the WhatsApp network from your old account.

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