Whatsapp for XPERIA Sony

Whatsapp for Xperia

How Whatsapp Works in Xperia
The main characteristics of this incredible messaging app are more or less identical in all Smartphones. And when it comes to Whatsapp for Xperia the features remain basically the same.
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Whatsapp simply uses internet to send message from one mobile to another mobile or you can say one network to another network whereas conventional messaging uses cellular network to send message to the people on your contact list.

But, there is a limitation in Whatsapp which is, you can only send messages to those people who are registered on your phone book and the registered number should be on Whatsapp to receive the message. Apart from this, you cannot send message to a person if you do not have any internet connection on your mobile phone. Additionally the person you are sending message to must also be present in Whatsapp otherwise it simply doesn’t work. But, these limitations are negligible because people who use an android phone usually have internet connection on their mobile phone 24/7 and thus they do not have to worry about these limitations while using it.

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Whatsapp for Xperia can be used exactly as in any other smartphone to send text messages, voice messages, and multimedia messages and also to group chat. By using Whatsapp  you do not have to recharge your mobile with extra packs. Presence of internet on your phone is enough to perform this entire task on your phone.

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Once you download Whatsapp, you don’t have to search the people externally who are already on Whatsapp because this app automatically scans the phone contact numbers and checks the numbers that are against its huge database and show them on your Whatsapp profile. If any new member gets the app then it automatically adds the contact in its whatsapp list. It doesn’t allow you to remove any contact or delete any contact manually but it allows you to block a contact if you want to block it from your list.

How to download Whatsapp in Xperia
To download Whatsapp on your Xperia first of all you have to check the compatibility mode of the Whatsapp Messenger with your Xperia Model. The most recent Xperia models compatible with Whatsapp are the Xperia X8 , Xperia C , M4,  E4g, Xperia Z3, E3, M2 Aqua,  Z2, T2 Ultra, E1, Xperia Z1, M – L – Sp, Xperia Z and E. Downloading and installing whatsapp for the xperia C and Xperia x8 require you to follow those steps: first download the free apk file as explained here. Then, after you have  download the Whatsapp.apk file , you have to run the program from the place where the .apk file has been saved. Whatsapp will ask for your phone number and then put the number that you are using on your Xperia phone. Whatsapp will verify your number by sending you an authentication code on your number. You have to put the authentication code on Whatsapp and once the authentication is done successfully your Whatsapp for Xperia would be ready to work.

Features of Whatsapp for Xperia
Whatsapp is very user friendly and most downloaded app on internet. People are using this app widely around the world. It allows you to status message on your Whatsapp profile which can be seen by anyone on your contact. You can also provide profile picture as you want just like facebook. Whatsapp allows you to make group of many people on a single chat. You can chat with all your group members once at a time. It also allow to you to see the last time seen of any contact registered on your list. The new version of Whatsapp integrated an option where you can snap an instant picture and send to anyone you want to. There are many interesting features of Whatsapp are integrated which you will be able to enjoy by using the app.

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