How to pay WhatsApp

come pagare whatsappHow can you pay WhatsApp? Are there any differences between the versions for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone? There is still a bit of confusion on the subject. Let’s try to clarify all these doubts seeing together how to pay WhatsApp, how much does it really cost and what are the payment methods accepted by the application. It will take much less time than you can imagine.

First of all let’s remember a fundamental point: sending messages with WhatsApp is always free. Even if you send photos, videos etc., you will not see a penny deducted from your phone credit. If you are not connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi you may have a small amount of data that could lead to the reduction of the credit, but it depends entirely on your operator, it has nothing to do with the specific operation of WhatsApp. The only thing you really have to pay to use WhatsApp is an annual fee. After downloading the app on your smartphone you have 12 months free trial after which you have to pay a small sum of money, which extends the license.  The fare will cost about 0.89 euro for one year, 2.40 euro for three years (with a discount of 10% on annual price), or 3.34 euro for 5 years (with a 25% discount on the annual price), and is the same for all software platforms: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Nokia S40.

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To renew your license the service accepts: credit card/rechargeable card (ie the card associated with your account on the Apple store, Google etc.), PayPal and phone credit. The latter option, however, is available only to customers of a few operators. Now that we’ve explained the question of the real costs of the service, at this point I would say that we can see in detail how to pay WhatsApp. It is a simple process, so do not worry: even if you are not yet very familiar with smartphones you will succeed without any problem. The following instructions concern the Android version of the app, but you can easily apply them to all software platforms, there are just small variations from one system to another. All you have to do is to press the menu button (the icon with three dots placed in the upper right corner) and select Settings from the box that appears. In the screen that opens, go to Account> Payment Info, select the type of subscription you wish to subscribe (1 year, 3 years or 5 years) and press the button Google Wallet which is located at the bottom and then click Buy.  At this point you can choose to complete the transaction or using the credit card associated with your Google account (pressing the buy button), or using an alternative method of payment. If you prefer to pay your subscription to WhatsApp with PayPal or with your phone bills, you have to select the price of the app at the top right, then you have to press the option Payment methods and select your preferred payment method from the menu that pops up.

You can also choose to pay WhatsApp for another user by going to Settings> Accounts> Info Payment, pressing the button Menu at the top right and selecting Pay for a friend from the menu that pops up, and pay the subscription from the PC sending to yourself the link to complete the operation using the button Send payment URL that is located at the bottom.

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