WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp Messenger is steadily getting popular as an alternative to the stock SMS service offered by many smartphones. With this app, you can send virtually unlimited text messages and even send photos or include emoticons for (almost) free. It works through 3G or WiFi.
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The app is even ad-free so no annoyance while using it. It comes with a (little) price though. It would be free to download this App for Android and you can use it for only 1 year for free. whatsapp-for-pcAfterwards, you’ll have to pay a $0.99 subscription fee to continue using it. The power of WhatsApp is in its large network. While the exact number of subscribers is not disclosed, Google play has recorded 1.2 billion downloads of the app (Skype has 650 million; Viber has 300 million). Furthermore, it is available for iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones. This app eliminates the need for a text plan which can significantly reduce expenses especially when messaging people from other countries.

Whatsapp for Nexus 7

WhatsApp on Nexus 7 – The Easy Way

The Nexus 7 is a tablet developed by Google. There are two versions, the newest being introduced in 2013. It runs on Google’s Android operating system. The third tablet by Google is very powerful.
It comes in various storage sizes such as 16 and 32gb. It’s clocked at 1.51 gigahertz quad core with 2gb or ram. The screen size is 7.02 inches measured diagonally with a 1920×1200 resolution. The tablet originally shipped with 4.3 Jellybean, but is now updated to 6.0 Marshmallow. The tablet doesn’t support external storage, but it does have a micro-usb port. Battery is excellent too.

How to download WhatsApp contacts on your PC

WhatsApp+Andriod+PC_thumb[1]With the arrival of the new version of the instant messaging WhatsApp Web, the one you can use on your PC, here comes the new guides that might help newbies to orientate in this new world, and especially to use this program in an easier and more direct way. Within this article we will see how to export contacts from WhatsApp on your PC, so you can have all the address book at your disposal even on the computer.
Whoever is recently using this program will know that currently WhatsApp Web is only compatible with Google Chrome, but that soon the program will be updated in order to be used on other types of browsers.

Whatsapp for BUSINESS

whatsapp_for_businessDeveloping a customer base for a small or local business can be tough. Whatsapp can help you to not only develop your customer base, it can help you retain it. Since Whatsapp uses a data plan instead of SMS, the cost of mass information has reduced dramatically.

With Whatsapp, you can set up a group of up to 100 people for your business. You can use this feature for preferred customers to receive sales information before the general public. This feature could also be used to create a “club” which customers can pay to join, where you offer discounts and deals. This will not only provide you an additional revenue stream but it will also facilitate customer loyalty.

Whatsapp for DESKTOP

Whatsapp for Desktop

The desktop doesn’t officially support Whatsapp yet. The installation and active running of Whatsapp on laptops, PCs and MAC require (first) downloading the software emulator called “BlueStacks”.

This software program is actually the Android app player or Android emulator program for the Windows OS and Mac operating systems. Both the Mac and Windows users can download this program for free from Bluestacks.com . Here a short and quick step-by-step process:

WhatsApp for LAPTOP

whatsapp-for-pcInstalling WhatsApp Messenger on your phone can offer many advantages, like saving money on sending Text Messages (SMS) or exchanging pictures and videos between friends easily.
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There are plenty of free messengers client for Pc, laptops and smartphones on the market but, honestly, Whatsapp is the best and most robust, flexible, popular instant messenger available today. It only has only a (big) drawback compared to some other messaging apps: it’s not compatible (by default) with desktop OS, which means, it can be installed on your notebook or laptop but only following some precise step-by-step procedure (explained in this article).