Whatsapp for SAMSUNG

Whatsapp Messenger for Samsung: How to Download & Install Whatsapp on your Samsung Phone & Tablet? Whatsapp can be installed basically in any mobile device and used as a killer mobile app for chat, messaging and more but for some owner of older Samsung smartphone the process of downloading and installing Whatsapp it’s not always easy and smooth.

If you have purchased an old Samsung smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other model with no native Android support for Whatsapp, there is a solution to your problems.
Indeed WhatsApp has always been reluctant to create a full working app for all the OS and Smartphones / Tablets models for a good reason (too expensive). So, if you  If cannot download Whatsapp for your Samsung device through the Play Store,WhatsApp-for-Samsung then the first, easiest solution, is to go through a “manual installation”, as explained here below.

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If you own a Samsung Tablet go to Settings-> General-> Security and check the option: ” Unknown Sources “. Samsung Galaxy Note 3From your Samsung Tab, open your favorite browser, then download this specific Apk version of WhatsApp from this link. When the file is downloaded, click on it and proceed with the installation process. If for any reason, clicking on the downloaded link, the installation process doesn’t start, then use a file manager on your tablet to move the Apk file to the “Downloads folder” and, then, restart the WhatsApp installation process.

You can perform the same operation from your PC and then copy the downloaded file to the tablet and proceed with the installation as explained before. If you to know more then read this page. Whatsapp for Samsung can be installed not only on the new Galaxy Tab S, 4 and Tab 3,  but also on the oldest and most recent version of Samsung Smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 , S4 and the new Galaxy Note 4 released few months ago by the famous Korean company. The first step is to simply connect to the official Whatsapp.com page and then choose the specific “android version” available here.

Whatsapp has become very popular in the USA and the UK but it’s gradually expanding in the rest of the world as the “standard apps” for instant messaging. Whatsapp allows you to connect with your friends and send messages to anyone through the internet without paying for expensive SMS and text messages. Messages can be multimedia also, including text, pictures, and videos. From the official website (Whatsapp.org) you can download Whatsapp for different platform like Windows, MAC, iPhone and Android or specific smartphone like Blackberry and Nokia. You can also download Whatsapp for specific Samsung models (i.e. S4 and S5), but everything depends on which operative system and version (i.e. Android 2.3 – 3.4, etc.) you have installed on your smartphone. The rules of engagement with Whatsapp and their respective phones may differ. While usually you need to pay for having the Whatsapp service on iPhone, you do not have to pay for Android but everything will depends on the choice of Facebook Inc. which recently bought Whatsapp. Indeed recently there were news about Android users having to pay more for the service.

Installing Whatsapp app on your PC is also easy. This could be possible with the Android emulator, if you have Microsoft Operating System. Bluestacks is the most downloaded android emulator and the most downloaded app according to users. This emulator is available through the website www.bluestacks.com. The downloading is quick and easy, just click on the download button and the wizard start automatically. All you have to do is to follow the steps and enjoy this emulator on Windows PC. By using Bluestacks you will be able to emulate Whatsapp like if it was installed on for Samsung without much difficulty. Obviously Whatsapp will require a phone number to be activated (even on your pc) exactly as it happens on a traditional Smartphone.

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