WhatsApp for ANDROID

WhatsApp Messenger is an ad-free cross-platform app that allows the user to send SMS-like text messages to contacts. Let us break down that definition to get an insight how the app works.
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SMS Alternative
What’s up? Yeah, the name of this app is a play on that greeting. That’s because WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with a user interface likened to the stock SMS function of phones. whatsapp-android-21You can send text messages to anyone who is also using the app on your contact list.

The app is available for different smartphone operating systems. It has a version for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phones. This means you can connect to users of other operating systems.

There will be no ads displayed when using the app. Because of this, there is a payment for the app. For Android, downloading and installing the app is free. The first year serves as a trial so it would be free. You’ll have to pay a $0.99 subscription fee.

Step by Step Guide
Now, we move on to the steps on how to download the app for an Android device.

1. Download the App
First step is to download the app. You can do this from their website or from the Google Play Store. Since you’re on your Android phone anyway, it is more convenient to just use Google Play Store.

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2. Tap on the Play Store icon on your phone. Once it is open, you can type “whatsapp” on the search box or browse in the communication category. You’ll see it in the “Top Free” tab. Either way, you will be brought to the app’s download page.15615284542_961c6f08a1_WhatsApp-ANDROID

3. Tap on download. A prompt will appear asking for your permission. If you have no problems with the permissions the app is asking for, go ahead and tap that allow button.

The app will proceed with the download. It won’t take that long but you can go ahead and do something while the app downloads. Once the download is finished, your phone will install the app automatically.

Launch the App
After the installation is finished, you can now launch the app.

1. Go to the main menu of your Android device and locate the WhatsApp icon – a green speech balloon with a phone. Tap the icon.

2. Since it would be the first time you’ll be launching the app, the welcome screen will appear with a link to the app’s Terms and Conditions. Go ahead and read it if you want. In any case, if you want to start using the app, tap on the “Agree and Continue” button.
Register and Initialize

There will be a prompts for you to enter your information necessary for registering for the app. First, you’ll see a drop-down list for the country. Select yours from the list. The text box below it would be for your number. The country code will be entered automatically after selecting your country. So, all you need to do is enter your number. Once done, tap OK. The phone will connect to the server. Then, a confirmation prompt will appear. Check if you’ve entered your number correctly. If not, tap Edit and enter the correct number. Otherwise, proceed by tapping OK.

WhatsApp ANDROID photo

The app will send a verification SMS to your number. All you have to do is wait since the app will automatically detect the arrival of this SMS to your phone.
Once the verification is complete, the next prompt is for your name. Enter your name. Below it is a checkbox for if you want a shortcut of the app for the home screen. Once done, tap OK.

The app will initialize. It will check your contacts and add the ones already on WhatsApp on your Favorites list. You can manage this later. Now you can start sending messages!

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