WhatsApp: you can backup again your messages on Google Drive

google driveRecently it seems to have become rather difficult to have installed on our smartphone the most updated version of WhatsApp, since the service is repeatedly releasing updates. Just think that only during this last week, 10 updates (yes, you’ve read well, 10 updates) have been rolled out.

Just yesterday, among the many new features that the popular instant messaging app is bringing to its service, we talked about the possibility to backup our conversations on Google Drive. In fact it seems that WhatsApp is slowly reintroducing this function, earlier enabled and then unexpectedly disabled.

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Unfortunately at the moment this feature is not yet available for everyone. Let’s see why. It seems that, as it is already happens with many other apps, WhatsApp has decided to gradually enable users on a server-side. The introduction of this new feature has not yet been confirmed by WhatsApp, which probably will make official the availability of this new option after enabling the users.

With the backup to Google Drive not only we can save our conversations, but we can also archive our pictures and videos safely. Of course on the Play Store we can already find many apps that allow us to save our messages, that’s why, obviously, WhatsApp could not avoid to add the ability of making backups among its services.

So WhatsApp users during the last year have seen their favourite app (now the most used in the world) changing a lot, and actually it has incredibly improved. For example with the introduction of Material Design. Or the addition of the Voice Calling Feature, which has been really a breakthrough.