You can now translate your WhatsApp messages into foreign languages directly inside Android apps

android marshmallow translateA new feature is available for those who use WhatsApp with Marshmallow, the latest Android OS, and it’s quite a useful one. With this new option you can use Google Translate to convert your messages into foreign languages, and it works inside Android apps but not only. In fact the feature is available also within other apps such as TripAdvisor and LinkedIn.

According to Google, the incredible number of 100 billion words a day are translated on Google Translate by more than 500 million people. So in January was released “Conversation Mode“, which allows iOS and Android users to have immediately available on their screen a written translation of what they are saying. And that’s not all. In fact using Word Lens you can have translated into 36 languages a text which you have photographed. Currently, this tool can translate English to and from German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Talking about the feature just released, in a blog post Barak Turovsky (Product Lead of Google Translate) explains the aim of this last update: “We face communication barriers every day. Switching back and forth between apps and screens to translate shouldn’t be another one. We’ve heard your feedback, and have worked with the Android team to make translating text, chats, and other app content a whole lot easier. Beginning this week, you’ll be able to translate in 90 languages right from within some of your favorite apps like TripAdvisor, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. This update works on any device running the newest version of Android’s operating system (Android 6.0, Marshmallow). To get started, you first need to have the Translate app downloaded on your Android phone. From there, just go to an app, like TripAdvisor or LinkedIn, and highlight and select the text you want to translate. This feature is already enabled in apps that use Android text selection behavior. Developers who created custom text selection behavior can also easily add the new feature.

But what changes with Android Marshmallow? The first thing to know is that it will replace Lollipop. Also, Marshmallow will support Google’s mobile wallet, which will make it easier for users to set permissions for apps.

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