WhatsApp for Windows Phones: the new 2.16.2 version is already in Windows Store

whatsapp for wp trimming supportWe already know that WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world (with over a billion monthly active users, and this number is expected to grow), and that you can install it on various popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Another thing we know about WhatsApp is that the service is for free.

But despite its success, the supremacy of WhatsApp is constantly threatened by other instant messaging app like Viber or Telegram, so the Facebook-owned app has engaged a fierce fight to remain the leader in the field of instant messaging. So we can nearly daily witness to a rush to offer users more improvements and new features.

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That being said, today we’ll see what changes with this new 2.16.2 version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Actually, this latest version brings just a few minor changes, still we think they are enjoyable. The first one allows users to trim the videos before sending them. Furthermore, a video compressor has also been added to the app, and it allows WhatsApp users to compress and easily send big videos.

Another useful feature added with this latest 2.16.2 version is the ability to receive and send documents. Thanks to this new option, users can now not only send photos and videos, but they can also attach documents to their messages. Isn’t it great? Especially if you consider that WhatsApp is now widely used for work reasons. These are the changes, but we are not able to tell you anything about the changelog since it hasn’t been provided.

Obviously, even if it’s just a minor update, we think it’s better that you keep WhatsApp updated on your device. So, if you are convinced and you decide to download and install this latest version of WhatsApp on your Windows Phone device, you can use the following link .