Whatsapp for Nokia 225

Nokia 225 mobile phone features
Nokia 225 is both stylish and affordable. This slim, 124mm x 55.5mm x 10.4mm phone has the ability to perform various functions, including accessing the internet through the faster Nokia Express Browser. The phone features include 2.8’ QVGA/Mono block display, flashlight, recorder and comes with Single and Dual Sims. The other features include dust and slash proof Keymat, 2MP camera, BL-4UL (1200mAh) battery that allows up to 21 hours talk time and 36 days standby time. The phone supports 32 GB SD card memory and seamless connectivity through Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM, accompanied with 3.5mm AV connector. A set of pre-loaded games is also available.
Nokia 225
How to Download Whatsapp on Nokia 225
Sharing enthusiast will greatly enjoy using Nokia 225 because it supports Bluetooth, Slam and social networking apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, Nokia 225 doesn’t have a pre-installed framework that can effectively support iOS or Android because it runs on older Series30+ OS versions. This makes it incredibly difficult to download or install a Whatsapp messaging app directly into the device.

Despite these challenges and the fact that most devices with dual SIMs are non compatible with Whatsapp, you can still install Whatsapp on your unsupported devices with relative ease. The following guide as illustrated on Bestmobs can help you install Whatsapp on your Nokia 225 and other unsupported devices:
• Get a Whatsapp compatible phone
• Remove the your sim card and memory and insert them on the Whatsapp enabled phone
• Download Whatsapp on that phone

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• Move Whatsapp into your memory card, and then remove the SIM card and memory card into your unsupported phone.
• Locate Whatsapp in your memory and open it
• Launch the application and enter your details on the respective columns. Select continue and complete the process.

The alternative method is closely linked to the first method, but it doesn’t involve the removal of the SIM card.

Here are the steps:
• Get a phone with Whatsapp installed
• Place your memory card inside the phone with Whatsapp
• Locate the Whatsapp application on your phone and add the app in your phone’s memory card. Remove the memory card and place it back on your unsupported Nokia 225 phone.
• Locate Whatsapp and launch it for the first time
Follow the steps to update the current phone number with your details. To do this go to Options, then select Accounts.

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