Whatsapp for HTC Wildfire, Desire, Chacha and HD2

Whatsapp for HTC The HTC Wildfire, Desire, Chacha and HD2 are all phones from HTC that have been around for a while.

In fact, most of these phones have been our nearly five years now, which is on the older side when it comes to mobile devices and the speed of which technology continues to evolve.

Due to this, the devices are not going to run all of the latest applications that require an extensive amount of processing speed to function. This, however, does not mean it is not possible to use WhatsApp for the different phones. All of these options do run a version of Android, and WhatsApp is able to function on these operating systems. Thankfully, it is not graphic driven and does not require extensive processing power to work. However, with this being said, it is still important to update the phone as far as it possibly can go before moving ahead with the installation of the application.

For starters, it is necessary to update the mobile device and its operating system to its maximum level. In order to do this, you need to select the “System” icon and go into the “Settings” on the phone.

When you scroll through this section you are going to come to an “About Device” option and then, inside of this field, you can have it search for available updates. It is a good idea for you to connect to a Wi-Fi signal before you do this because if you do have an update, it is likely going to be a few hundred megabytes and you do not want it taking away from your available data. If there is an update available, allow it to download and install. This may take anywhere from a few minutes all the way to a half an hour.

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These devices are on the older side so it does not connect to a super fast data stream, which in turn is going to slow down the download speed and force you to wait for this to finish. Due to this, you should wait to perform the update until you know you do not need the phone for a little bit.

Now that your device is up to date (at least as far as it is going to go), you can begin with the WhatsApp installation on your HTC phone. To do this, select the “Google Play” icon and then type in “WhatsApp” into the search field. This is going to bring up the application, which you need to select to download. It is not going to require you to purchase anything so it should download automatically. After it has finished downloading and installing on the device you justness to bring it up in on your phone. Depending on the version of Android your phone is now running you may not receive the automatic desktop icon shortcut. If this happens you should select the “Apps” option and then scroll through it until you locate WhatsApp (it is going to be located towards the end of your application selection options).

Once you have selected the application it is going to begin to run through its setup process. You do need to type in the phone number you have on the device in order to associate the number with your new account. From here, you are able to have the application search through your current saved contacts in order to see if anyone has the application and is using it. If someone is, the application is going to automatically save their contact information into the app.

After this has happened you are able to send everyone who does not have the application a text message telling them they should sign up. Now, if you have a limited number of text messages on your mobile plan this may be something you want to avoid for the time being, as sending out a few hundred messages may eat up your monthly messages rather quickly.
HTC Wildfire
Now that the application is installed and running on your HTC Wildfire, Desire, Chacha or HD2, you are able to begin using the application. It does work just like most other text messaging services, only with this one you are able to send international messages without receiving any sort of fee, and it does not count towards your text message total (although it is going to require data, so if you are on a limited amount of data you should make sure to be connected to a Wi-Fi signal before sending and opening messages).

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