Whatsapp for Nokia E6

The Nokia E6 is a smartphone that utilizes the Symbian Anna operatiog system, upgradable to the Symbian Belle OS. The E6 is a candybar-style phone and comes with with a full backlit QWERTY keyboard, a 2.5-inch interactive touchscreen, and stainless steel and glass construction.

It features a 680 Mhz processor, 3D graphics, 256 MB of memory, 1024 MB of internal storage, and supports up to 32 GB of additional memory via SD card. It also features a rear 8 megapixel camera, and a front camera of .3 megapixels.
Nokia E6
The Nokia E6 was designed as a business mobile phone, and has an exceptionally long battery life, with up to fifteen hours of talk time and up to thirty-one days on standby. It also comes with access to Microsoft services, including MS Communicator Mobile and MS Sharepoint.

Whatsapp is compatible with the Nokia E6 smartphone. To install Whatsapp on your phone, use the following steps:

1. In your phone, select Menu.
2. Under the Menu, select Store.
3. Sign into your Nokia account.
4. Search for Whatsapp.
5. Select Whatsapp.
6. Select Download.
7. Select Confirm.

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8. Once the app has finished downloading, open it to set up the application.
9. Whatsapp has now been installed on your Nokia E6 smartphone.

You can also download Whatsapp via the Nokia PC Suite. To install Whatsapp via this process, use the following steps:

1. If you have not already, go online to download the Nokia PC Suite.
2. Once you’ve installed the PC Suite, download the application to your computer and save it to whatever folder you wish.
3. Connect your phone to the computer via USB hub.
4. In the PC Suite, select the Install Applications button.
5. Choose the computer folder to which you downloaded the application.
6. Select the .sis file for Whatsapp.
7. In PC Suite, select the file in the left column and click the arrow in the center of the two columns.
8. A popup window should appear prompting you to complete installation of the application using your phone’s interface.
9. Complete the app’s installation on your phone.
10. Whatsapp has now been installed on your Nokia E6 smartphone.

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