Whatsapp for ALCATEL One touch

Whatsapp for Alvatel One touchWhatsapp is a growing trend for social networking. The Whatsapp application is now available for the many old mobile phones like the Alcatel one touch.
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Installing this application is simple to do as creating a group and downloading videos, which take a matter of minutes. First step is to ensure the Alcatel one touch in your possession is compatible with Whatsapp and this depends on which OS is installed. If you have the Android OS version of the Alcatel One Touch, simply go to the official Whatsapp Android page or, alternatively, to the Google App Store to download Whatsapp.

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Even you own the windows phone version, there is no problem, because Microsoft ensure full compatibility of Whatsapp. Windows Phone users just need to go to the Windows marketplace and search for “Whatsapp”. After locating the Whatsapp application in the Microsoft marketplace, just agree to the terms and click the download button to complete the installation.

Once the applications is installed in your device, you will have the option to create a group. Groups are convenient for managing conversations with one or multiple participants. While you are in an existing chat, you can go to the top of the screen and click on the create group link. Once the next screen pops up, you will then type in the name of the group in the title box. Then you will invite one or as many participants as you like. This will store the conversation in your account, and maintain the ability for you to refer back at any given time.

To share a video with your Whatsapp account, it will take just a few simple steps. The first step is to select the link for an existing video. Once you select this link, you will choose a video from your device. The video must only be up to 16 megabytes and maximum 90 seconds long. Then you would could choose to the location to send on your account or to a private contact.

Whatsapp application is the easiest way to stay connected with your friends and family with your busy schedule. Enjoy this application on your Alcatel device, anytime day or night.

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