Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp Plus – What are the differences?

Whatsapp PlusMost people use the popular WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus is an extended version that allows users to have extra features. WhatsApp Plus is tremendously popular and deciding which one to use may not be easy. How Is WhatsApp Plus Different? For starters, WhatsApp Plus is fundamentally an improved version of WhatsApp. It is designed to give you the extras you need to customize and tweak your experience. So which one is better, here are some differences in the two?

Graphic Themes
One of the main reasons to switch to WhatsApp Plus is the type of themes and features that they offer. With a selection of more than 700 different themes available, you have the selection of picking the one which you like the best. It’s a great deal of selection, which enhances the user’s experience.

Once you have selected your theme, you have the option to revamp it to your likes. With so many diverse options, there is something that will suite all preferences and needs. WhatsApp doesn’t have so many features. Some people don’t care about all the choices. But, if you are one that likes lots of themes and color options, then WhatsApp Plus is superior.

It’s All About Emoticons
Though WhatsApp has numerous emoticons to utilize, more is often better. If you like to put emotions to your posts, then WhatsApp Plus is the perfect solution for you. There is a large database of emoticons, counting those that are set up in Google Hangouts. Consequently, giving the customers more options and allowing them to express more freely is a good feature to have.

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File Sizes
When you’re uploading files, you have the choice to alter the size and quality of the files. This is a tremendously useful feature and permits you to arrange the quantity of data you devote when you are transferring files.

Hiding the Last Seen Feature
What once was a hyped feature offered by WhatsApp Plus only, recently the WhatsApp updated to offer the hidden online feature for free. This was a major blow to marketing for WhatsApp plus. Now this is offered by both apps at no extra cost. The ability to hide the last seen time in available in both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

Conflict of Usage
A problem that many users are having with WhatApp Plus is that they have to un-install their original WhatsApp to get it to download. If you don’t need extra colors and features, then WhatsApps plus is a waste of time. It is for those who have the desire to have more colors, emoticons and design options.

Functionality of both applications is basically the same. What the WhatsApp plus will do for you is give you an extra touch of colors. You can do more with it, but for some that is not necessary. Since there is no real functional differences, they both are winners. However, if you long to have a touch of colors and be able to do a bit more, then WhatsApp plus is the right choice.

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