WhatsApp for Windows Phone: the new Beta version 2.12.142 has been released

windows phone new betaJust a few weeks ago we talked about the improvements available for those who use WhatsApp on Windows Phone devices, and  yet today, we have to talk already about another new Beta ready to be installed on your Windows Phone (now Windows 10 Mobile). What changes with this new version 2.12.142?

Unfortunately it seems we have to be patient since this new Beta doesn’t introduce any new features, but just brings the usual bug fixes and an improvement of the stability of the application (which however are not unimportant improvements when you need to use WhatsApp). So, despite some rumours about the release of the Video Calling feature, once again there is no confirmation coming from WhatsApp developers.

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But we think that, considering the fierce competition between WhatsApp and the other popular messaging services (like Viber or Skype) it is reasonable to imagine that they are working on it. In the meantime you can still enjoy the other many benefits of WhatsApp, first of all sending messages for free (you simply need an internet connection).

Or sharing your photos and audio files with all your friends, colleagues or family. Considering the many features offered by WhatsApp and that you can use it with several other operating systems such as Android, BlackBerry 10, iOS, it doesn’t surprise us that now this instant messaging app has reached the incredible number of 900 million monthly users. An impressive number, isn’t it? Even better than Facebook’s own messenger service, which has “only” 700 million users.

But what if something occurs on your Windows Phone device and WhatsApp doesn’t work anymore? It could happen, so don’t panic. You can reinstall it  easily just following this simple procedure. Open the Start Screen and swipe from right to left. After that, scroll down to WhatsApp and long press on WhatsApp icon. From here select uninstall (yes, you have to uninstall it before installing a new version). At this point you have to open the Store and download the latest version. It’s not difficult, just follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll have the latest, working, version of WhatsApp installed on your device.

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