Whatsapp for GALAXY TAB 3

Using Whatsapp has become a “must” for alll smartphones owners, so Galaxy Tab 3 remains no less. Whatsapp is a free messaging services that can be utilized for sending messages for free: images, video files and audio files can be transferred through the free services of Whatsapp.
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In order to install Whatsapp on your Galaxy Tab and use all the functions provided by the client, you first need to get a smartphone or an android phone to complete the registration process on your Galaxy Tab 3. WhatsApp-for-TabHaving a mobile handset number is also necessary to get the required activation code. So, how to Install Whatsapp on Galaxy Tab3? All latest version of Whatsapp can be downloaded in the Galaxy Tab 3 by following these steps.

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After downloading the Android Whatsapp from the official site Whatsapp.com page for android users, the chat messenger will show you a home screen where the “Agree and continue” policy must be accepted before continuing with the installation. In the following step, you will notice a screen to enter your phone, name and country.

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Click “OK” and you’ll get another message to verify your phone number once again, for the security reasons. At the end of the verification period, a text message will be sent to your mobile number. If any problem arises during this step, then you can choose the vocal verification instead of the SMS verification. Just click on the button “Call me” to receive a voice call and insert the Six digit verification numbers you’ll hear during the phone call. You’ll need to insert this code to finally authenticate your number. Now, you can create a profile on your chat messenger , without any additional SIM support. Contact list can be transferred to your Galaxy tablet and, obviously data network or Wi-fi is required to use the app.

Should you need to change the phone number of your Whatsapp Galaxy Tab 3 installation please remember that there is no need to uninstall and re-install the app. To “migrate” your account  to another number just click on: Settings >> Accounts >> Change Number.

That’s it! The new number should be entered at the beginning of the process (at the top of the screen) so that the entire chat history and groups can be transferred as well. To customize your Whatsapp conversations please also remember that you can also set a sounds of notification and LED color on your Galaxy tab by simply clicking on “Settings” and choosing the appropriate options.

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