New update for WhatsApp for Windows Phone: it is now available version

windows phone ultimi aggiornamentiA few days have passed since the last update of WhatsApp for Windows Phone was released, and yet a new updated version, the, is already available. Quite obviously, this last one is a minor update, which doesn’t bring new features and seems to have no change log (a detailed description of what changes).

This new version should thus serve simply to fix minor bugs which were present in the previous version. But those who use WhatsApp with Windows Phone devices will surely be pleased to notice that WhatsApp developers are not neglecting them and are working to improve the app also on Windows Phone devices.

But which were the new functions for Windows Phone that WhatsApp recently introduced? In case you missed the last upgrade,  let’s see together those new features.

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  • You can now share your location, exchange contacts email your chat history and set custom wallpapers;
  • you can now talk with two or more people at the same time. In fact, if you have a couple or more of your friends who are using WhatsApp, now you can join or create chat rooms;
  • Voice Calling Feature: finally even Windows Phone users will be able to call their WhatsApp contacts using this eagerly awaited function;
  • your mobile phone number is the ID on WhatsApp, so you don’t need anymore usernames and passwords.

But let’s leave aside for a moment updates and let’s talk about statistics. If you are passionate about statistics, you might find interesting a recent GlobalWebIndex survey which shows that among WhatsApp users, 73% of them use this famous instant messaging app with Android devices, 22% with iOS and 10% of them with Windows Phone.

What are the percentages obtained by other devices? It seems that BlackBerry OS users reach 4%, Symbian 3%, others as Firefox OS, Sailfish, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch reach 7%. These figures explain why WhatsApp developers work mainly on the Android version of the app, even if it seems that now they started to upgrade the application for other devices more often.