How to use WhatsApp on iPhone

How to use WhatsApp on iPhoneWhatsApp is an app that allows users to chat for free with their contacts. This messaging service provides the ability to send and receive unlimited messages at no cost via the internet, simply using the 3G connection or Wi-fi smartphones. WhatsApp is available for different operating systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Installation: We can download WhatsApp simply accessing the App Store directly from our iPhone. After the purchase, the download will start automatically and we just have to wait for the installation to be completed.

How to start WhatsApp: When you open the application for the first time, WhatsApp will ask your mobile number in order to create a unique account without the need for additional entry as a user name or password. WhatsApp Messenger then analyzes your telehone book to find among your contacts the ones who are already using the application, to automatically create a list, called Favorites. To access the list, simply click on the pencil-shaped icon that is at the top right of the screen. Each WhatsApp contact will be displayed with the same name given in the address book of the iPhone, together with a picture and a status.

Sending messages: To send a message with WhatsApp, we have to select a contact from the Favorites list, then we can write the message we want to send in the text box which appears at the bottom and, at this point, we can press the Send button. The message is displayed in a cloud, like the ones used in comic books, where you will see a green tick mark as soon as the server receives it. With a second green tick mark next to the first, WhatsApp indicates that the recipient has received the message.

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It is also possible to start a conversation between several people, creating a group chat using the option New Group. As for incoming messages, WhatsApp supports push notifications, so you don’t have to keep the application open to receive them.

Other features: WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone is not only a free alternative to SMS. In fact with WhatsApp you can share images, photos and videos simply by attaching them to your messages. And that’s not all. You can also set different backgrounds for your chat and customize the sound of the notifications, besides the possibility to change your status and upload a profile picture. But pay attention: WhatsApp Messenger is compatible with iOS 4.3 operating systems or higher and can not be downloaded if you own an iPhone with a previous version.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to chat, WhatsApp is the right chat for  you. It also does not have any additional costs after purchase. Furthermore, WhatsApp allows considerable savings compared to SMS. The important thing is to have a subscription that allows you to be always connected to the internet.

The latest version for iPhone provides the possibility to disable the double blue tick marks that confirm the recipient has read the message. To use this option just open the privacy menu and turn off the “Read Receipt”. Moreover, as for Android, you can make voice calls through the data network.

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