WhatsApp for iPhone: iOS9 will bring new features

whatsapp per iphoneAlthough the new version of iOS (iOS9) is not yet official, there are already some rumours concerning some of its apps. Among them there is obviously WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application owned by Facebook.What we can say for sure is that currently only a few people can use its new beta, but it seems that two versions of it will soon be released.

The first one will be an experimental one and it seems certain that it will contain some bugs, while it seems that the second version will include several interesting new features. For example, if you love taking pictures and sharing them with your contacts, you will have new functions which will allow you to edit images before sending them. And that’s not all: you will also have different options for shooting your pictures with the possibility to customize the background for each contact.

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Another important change could also involve your WhatsApp archive. In fact the upgrade would enable you to handle it if the phone were to run out of storage. Through these updates WhatsApp will help us to identify the conversations that could create memory problems because containing many multimedial files, and will guide us in creating space on our device.

It should also be introduced the possibility to reply to messages directly from the notification, without opening WhatsApp. Furthermore, there should be also the possibility to customize the ringtones of the messages, so that you can assign to each contact a different tone.

And finally the most anticipated and interesting feature: the one for marking messages as unread. With this new feature (which you surely already use on your email) you can decide to ignore some messages without opening all conversations. Also, you can mark a message as unread just as a reminder to reply at another time.