WhatsApp for Android: what changes with the new APK 2.12.365

new abdroid betaIt’s clearly a hard job to keep a popular app such as WhatsApp always updated and well functioning, and it’s evident that WhatsApp developers can never rest. Luckily to help them in there job there are those users that test the new versions soon after their release and that report possible bugs or other kind of problems. This important and useful procedure allows all the other users to download safer and better versions of our beloved instant messaging app.

And the latest APK of WhatsApp for Android, with several bug fixes, is a clear example of this kind of cooperation. As usual this APK is not yet available on the Google Play Store, but can be downloaded from the Internet. So, if you decide to download it, remember to pay attention: you won’t find it on  the official website (where instead you’ll find the previous version). What changes with this latest update? Really not much. At least nothing that we can already see.

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As said, version 2.12.365 of WhatsApp for Android doesn’t bring any new features, but several bug fixes. Some files have been removed so now the installation file is smaller: from 23.25 MB it’s been decreased to 19.87 MB. Unfortunately we can’t tell you what files have been removed since the official changelog has not been provided by the developers of WhatsApp.

Probably you are a little bit disappointed because you were excited by the idea of a new function, but have you considered all the features that have been added to WhatsApp only during the last few months (think about the Voice Calling or the Starred Messages features, just to mention a couple of them)? Maybe it was obvious that the Facebook-owned service needed an uneventful period like this, even if we are convinced that they are preparing something big for the near future.