WhatsApp for Windows Phone: some new features are available thanks to the latest update

Windows Phone 2 16 240A new update of WhatsApp are available for Windows Phone users. This latest 2.16.240 version of WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile comes with some new features and
confirms the introduction of what was added with recent Beta. So, let’s see in detail what changes with this new version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. First of all, let’s begin with the OneDrive integration for backups.

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Thanks to this new feature, now users are allowed to backup their chat history and messages, which can be restored after resetting their Windows Phone device (or even on a new phone). In addition, this latest 2.16.240 version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone allows users to decide when to backup their data: daily, weekly and monthly. What if you don’t want to backup your data from WhatsApp? Simple, you can disable this option. And that’s not all. Users who prefer not to start the backup process while they are using cellular data, will be able to configure their device to start backups when they are using Wi-Fi.

This latest update of WhatsApp for Windows Phone also brings another feature that will surely be appreciated by WhatsAppers: GIFs support. Actually you are not yet allowed to send a real GIF, but in the meanwhile you can follow this simple procedure: select any video, crop it to 6 seconds or less and click on the GIF button to send it as a GIF. Last but not least, this latest version of WhatsApp brings also an improved set of emojis with even some 3D emoji.

How can you install this latest 2.16.240 version of WhatsApp on your Windows Phone device? You can download it directly from the Windows Store app. You just have to open the Windows Store and search for WhatsApp 2.16.240. Once you have found it, you can install it on your smartphone. At this point, if you are sure that the installation is complete, you need to use your mobile phone number to get verified in order to log again into your WhatsApp account.