Whatsapp for Nokia 220

The Nokia 220 is a bright, vibrant phone the company put out in the beginning of 2014. At this time, the company was focusing on putting out less expensive devices that would grab the attention of those looking for a nice mobile phone without the price tag of an Apple or a larger Samsung device. The Nokia 220 comes in red, blue and yellow and offers users a unique way to stay connected with their contacts while also using the WhatsApp application.

The Nokia 220 is a dual SIM mobile phone. This makes it nice for international travel. It has a 2.4 inch display that features 240 by 320 pixels at 166 pixels per inch. Now, it is not a touch screen as it uses the more traditional nine digit keypad. The Nokia 220 does not have a front facing camera, but it has a 2 megapixel rear facing camera but there is no flash for the camera. It does have expandable storage and accepts microSD cards.
Nokia 220
This allows the phone to expand to accept up to 32 GB worth of storage. Nokia 220 does run the entry Nokia operating system, although it is a stripped down variation of the touchscreen Smartphone offering. As the Nokia mobile phone division is now owned by Microsoft, Microsoft does put out updates for the OS

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The device does not have Wi-Fi capability, nor does it support GPS. It does have 3.0 Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone jack, FM connectivity while also supporting the GSM mobile network. It also does not support 3G or 4G.

Installing WhatsApp onto the Nokia 220
In order to install the application, it is necessary to first download it to a computer. By visiting the Nokia website, a user needs to select their device and it will take them to a list of available downloads and options.

This includes a small application store. WhatsApp is available here. After selecting the file, it downloads to the computer. From here, a user needs to connect the phone to the computer through a USB connection, followed by dragging end downloaded file onto the mobile phone.

After on the phone, a user can select it with the up/down arrow buttons under the screen. This activates the installation process. Once installation has finished, a user can open up the application, run through the setup steps and then begin using the phone for their needs.

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