Whatsapp for iPOD

Whatsapp for iPodWhatsapp is designed to function on mobile phones as it syncs up with your phone number. However, this does not mean it is not possible to use it on a portable device such as your iPod.

Now, it is very important to realize it is only going to work on an iPod Touch and not the traditional iPod. The older iPod does not have the necessary Internet connection and playback features, so keep that in mind when using these instructions to install WhatsApp onto your device.

Before you can begin, you need to download SynciOS onto your computer system. Without this application installed on your computer, you are not able to port the application to your iPod. You can find the application at SynciOS.com. It is free for you to download. Once it has downloaded make sure to install the application and you are ready to continue on with the installation process of WhatsApp.

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As WhatsApp is not specifically designed to function on your iPod, you need to follow these alternative installation instructions. First, you need to launch iTunes on your computer, then search for the WhatsApp application and choose to download it from the App store. After you have installed it, you need to locate the downloaded file on your computer. You can find it by typing “iTunes Media” into the search field of your computer (both Windows and Mac), then choose “Mobile Applications” and find the WhatsApp file.

Now that you have located the WhatsApp file, connect the iPod to your computer system and launch SynciOS. In the menu choose “My Device” and select the “install” button on the left side of the screen. This is going to allow you to select different applications that you have on your computer to install it onto your iPod. This is going to copy the application file from the computer to your iPod. Now that you have it installed, disconnect your iPod from the computer and activate WhatsApp.

From here, you need to install Whatsapp onto a different mobile device (such as your phone) and type in your mobile phone number to activate it. Now, connect your mobile phone to the computer and launch SynciOS and choose the “WhatsApp” option when the phone syncs. Click the “Export” button, then disconnect and connect your iPod back to the computer and drag the exported material into the open window to sync your phone number with your iPod to complete the process.

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