WhatsApp for Nokia S60 devices: the new 2.12.362 Beta version is ready to be downloaded

whatsapp for nokia s60 new beta 2 12 362Have you got a Nokia S60 smartphone? Do you use WhatsApp? If your answer to both these questions is yes, today we’ve got some interesting news for you. The developers of this popular multi-platform mobile messaging app have just released a new updated Beta version of WhatsApp for NokiaS60 devices (such as Nokia Belle or Symbian Anna), and it promises to be a very useful update.

In fact, this new Beta version 2.12.362 of WhatsApp for Nokia S60 smartphones finally adds more than 500 new emojis! Isn’t it incredible? Let’s be honest, these nice emoticons now are an important part of our messages, since they really help us to express our feelings in a few words (or, sometimes, we don’t even need to use words at all).

But (it seems that there’s always a but to complicate our lives) users will need to wait a little bit to celebrate this latest update and start using these new emoticons. Unfortunately, being 2.12.362 a Beta version, these new emojis cannot be used until the next major update, which will enable the new emoji Unicode 8.0. After that, the new racial emojis will be added too.

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Also the size of this latest 2.12.362 beta version of WhatsApp for Nokia S60 has been changed, and now the SIS (installation) download file weighs 1270KB. Besides the introduction of the new emojis, also 20 files bave been modified. Furthermore, 6 new files have been added while 2 images have been deleted. Along with these changes, WhatsApp beta version 2.12.362 brings the usual bug fixes and improvements to the stability of the app.

So, how can we download and install this latest beta version of WhatsApp on our Nokia S60 devices? First of all, remember that in order to update your device with this latest Beta, you have to uninstall the previous version. After that, you can find the SIS installation file of WhatsApp Beta 2.12.362 clicking on this link: https://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/ 

At this point you’ll find a “Download Now” button. By simply selecting it you will download the SIS file to your Nokia device. Once you have downloaded the file, you simply need to open it to install this 2.12.362 Beta version on your Nokia device to complete the procedure.

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