WhatsApp Voice Calling feature soon available for Windows Phone users?

WhatsApp Windows Phone voice callDuring the last few weeks WhatsApp has introduced Voip voice calls. This very expected feature, for the moment, is only available for Android users but it seems that also Windows Phone will soon have this important update available. In fact during the last hours we have seen explicit references to voice calls in WhatsApp for Windows Phone in the files sent for translation by the development team to the many translators who work for them.

It already happened in recent months, when the team of WhatsApp had asked their translators the translation of various texts with references to voice calls. But for now we still do not know when exactly there will be the rollout. Over the next few weeks, the development team should introduce this feature in the private beta of WhatsApp for Windows Phone and, only after an appropriate period of testing, voice calls will debut in the stable version of the application for smartphones with the Microsoft mobile operating system.

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In any case, aso on Wihdows Phone, WhatsApp will have to face important competitors like Skype of Viber, who already have well developed and successful applications in the field of Voip calls. Both Skype and Viber can count on a large number of users who daily benefit of their services.And we suppose that Windows Phone users will be pleased to have this new service on their smartphone. Surely we will have more details about the debut of voice calls on WhatsApp for Windows Phone in the coming days.

If you have any doubts about the success of the Californian application, remember these data: recently this famous instant messaging service has reached the milestone of 800 million active users per month. Despite numerous alternatives to WhatsApp as Viber, Line or wechat, the app acquired by Zuckerberg is showing a strong performance.

The latest statistics on the use of the service were spread in January 2015 when Jan Koum, the company’s CEO, on his Facebook profile had announced the milestone of 700 million active users per month and more than 30 billion messages sent every day.