Whatsapp for Pebble Smartwatch

The basic Pebble Smartwatch comes in four colors: Red, white, and hot pink. This watch will give you more than the time and the date. You can play games on it, such as Strike Force. The app comes with a road map, a fitness tracker, a blood pressure monitor, a music app, a notebook, and a bus route. The screen size is 1.25 inches. The CPU is Cortex M4.

There is a masculine style Pebble Smartwatch that comes only in black leather. They all have a seven day battery life. If you need a timer, the watch has an alarm.
The WhatsApp for Pebble Smartwatch can be downloaded from either the Apple App Site or the Google Play Site for free. It must be connected electronically to your tablet or computer because the watch acts as a satellite. Once you turn the phone on, you will need to follow these steps:

– visit your favorite app store
– search for Whatsapp
– select whatsapp messenger
– tap install or download

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– wait for whatsapp to finish downloading
– launch whatsapp
– read the notifications and agree to them
– varify your phone number
– have fun

Whatsapp is absolutely free to download, install. When you set up a profile or verify your phone number with whatsapp you will have only five minutes each to do so before you are timed out.

The first thing to do is connect your smartwatch to your android phone by going over the list and clicking on start. After you do that, turn on your android phone and look for the icon called Android Wear. Click on it.
There should be an icon on the top that looks like the face of a watch, and below that watch should be a list. Click on apps for Android Wear. Click on the Google Play Store icon. You will be asked to read the terms and click on accept.

Next you will see a selection of apps . If you do not see Whatsapp, type in Whatsapp in the search area. The icon for Whatsapp should could up. click on it. Click the install button. It should take a few minutes to install. After that you will be asked to look over the terms and agree to it. After that, click on the icon that says launch.