Whatsapp for HTC

Whatsapp can be downloaded on both Windows and Android devices. You can download Whatsapp directly if your phone runs on Android version 2.1 or greater; the device should also have a storage capacity of about 20MB.
Whatsapp for HTC wildfireHTC devices running on Windows require Windows Phone version 7.5 or greater. The phone should have a storage capacity of at least 16MB. Whatsapp for both Windows and Android devices can be downloaded free for the first year. After the first year, users are required to pay an annual service charge of about $1.
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Whatsapp for HTC can easily be installed directly from Google Play Store or Whatsapp website. When you are installing Whatsapp, the app will request for your phone number verification. This operation can only be completed, if the SIM is active and not previously linked to another Whatsapp account.

Installing Whatsapp on HTC Desire
HTC Desire is an amazing phone with remarkable features and capabilities. The phone supports both 3G and 2G networks. The phone comes with a standard 4GB memory that can be upgraded to 32GB. The Other interesting features include a 5 MP camera with LED flash. The phone supports Android Operating system version 2.1 and 2.2. You can download a free Whatsapp application for HTC desire via Google Play, through the following steps:

1. Connect your phone to the internet, then go to the menu or home screen of your HTC Desire phone and select the Google Play Store icon.
2. Search for Whatsapp for HTC Desire, and install the file.
3. Next, enter your phone number and country details.
4. Complete your Whatsapp registration and enjoy communicating with friends and family.

Installing Whatsapp from the website
1. Using your HTC Desire, go to “Settings” then select applications and check the “Unknown sources”.
2. Go to the Whatsapp Android page from your phone or computer.

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3. Download APK using the command button “Download Now”. If you are installing Whatsapp via your computer, you can email yourself the APK via Google’s Gmail and install the file from there. On the other hand, if you are installing Whatsapp via your HTC Desire device, you can search the APK file from your file browser and then install.

Installing Whatsapp on HTC One
If you have a good HTC One phone you can download a free Whatsapp application with no hidden cost. The application will allow you to have conversations with family and friends, without paying any extra international charges. Once you are registered, you do not have to remember your name or password since the log in and log out function are can be overlooked.


The first thing you need to do before installation is check your system for compatibility. Verification can be done via the “Settings” command. Installation, on the other hand, can be done via the HTC One phone or PC. The procedure for installing Whatsapp via Google Play on your HTC One is as follows:
1. To install Whatsapp for free on your HTC One smartphone, go directly to Google Play store and locate the file.
2. Next, specify your phone number and name of your country.
3. Register your profile with Whatsapp

Installing Whatsapp on Wildfire
This High-end, HTC phone comes with a 512 MB built-in memory, a screen resolution of 240 x 320 and a rear view camera with a resolution of 5 Megapixel. The touchscreen on HTC Wildfire measures an impressive 3.2 inches. HTC Wildfire runs on a Qualcomm processor and supports Android 2.1 Éclair operating system. Like most HTC phones, HTC Wildfire, is supported by Whatsapp. Before the installation exercise is undertaken, it is important to first check the system for compatibility. You can verify this by going to “Settings”. Next, choose About the Phone and select the Android version. The procedure for installing Whatsapp via Google Play on your HTC Wildfire is as follows:

1. Connect the phone to the internet, then go to Google Play and download the Whatsapp file. The file can also be accessed on Whatsapp website. To download Whatsapp, you will have to allow the system to load the file by changing the security settings.
2. Once the download is complete, open the Whatsapp file and accept the terms of service.
3. Next, verify your phone number.
4. Next, register your name; the name can still be changed via user profile. If your Whatsapp file does not function properly, you can uninstall and re-install it afresh by repeating the process.

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