Whatsapp for JAVA Mobile Phones – Jar Free

WhatsApp is the most famous instant messaging App that allows users to quickly and easily exchange text, audio and video messages for free. Whatsapp is “multi-platform”, which means it can virtually run on any telephone, smartphone or even tablet whatever OS is installed.
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Indeed, even if you have a mobile phone, smartphone or simply a Pc/Mac program running Java you could be able to install and run Whatsapp, without Android, iOs or any other intermediary platform (like Bluestacks). Recently a group of advanced Italian programmers created “[TuttoJava]WhatsApp”, a proprietary whatsapp-para-javaversion of Whatsapp made to run smoothly on the majority of Java mobile and smartphone and you can download, for free, from this page.

As you probably already know, the java version of Whatsapp is usually available for mobile phones with Symbian operating system, while for everyone else there are solid alternatives, always in java, that you could use instead of WhatsApp, like Qute Messenger and Kik Messenger. It is important to emphasize that proprietary operating systems are becoming increasingly obsolete and therefore, over time, become increasingly difficult to find java compatible programs for with these phones. Our advice is if you really want to use popular apps for smartphones like Whatsapp, then maybe it’s time to better evaluate the purchase of a new phone with Android or iOS.

Somebody tried also to download and install the ThWhatsApp_Messenger.jar and WhatsApp_Messenger.jad files but 90% of the time without success. The important thing to note is that you need to download those Java files first directly to your PC, then to your phone.

Whatsapp is one of the best apps you can have for your phone. It is easy to update and to use and allows you to never miss the chance to communicate with your friends. Whatsapp is also increasing the number of OS version to be compatible with, like the most recent Whatsapp+(plus) for Chrome, so remember also to simply check for your phone and OS version on the official Whatsapp.com website, to see if this or any other specific Java version will be available in the future.

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