WhatsApp for iPhones: iOS 9.1 introduces the “Quick Reply” function and many new emojis

iOS 9 1Here we are again talking about another important WhatsApp update. Step by step, this popular instant messaging application (more than 900 million active users) that accompanies our days is improving and we got used to see it updated frequently. Today we are going to discover the last update available for iPhone users who have already installed iOS 9.1 on their devices.

This new upgrade brings a great new useful feature: the Quick Reply function. This new functionality allows iPhone users to reply immediately to WhatsApp messages. Yes, now, thanks to Quick Reply, when you receive a message you don’t need anymore to open the app, but you can finallly respond directly from the notification. Actually iPhone users know that the Quick Reply feature already existed, as it was introduced when iOS 8 was released, but so far it was possible to use it only with Apple’s app.

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With the roll out of  iOS 9 things have changed a lot, and now the Quick Reply feature is available also for other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype. And that’s not all. If you appreciate the Quick Reply feature you may enjoy it even more with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6SPlus, where it is available with 3d Touch support.

But the good news don’t end here since iOS 9.1 brought other significant upgrades: Live Photos (which does not allow the camera to capture images if the iPhone has sudden movement), for example, and more than 150 new emojis.

But besides these really great news, iPhone users must remember that the WhatsApp Quick Reply feature can be downloaded only if they own the iOS 9.1 version, or, alternatively, another platform that runs on it. So, if you are eager to use these new features, it seems you don’t have any other choice than installing this new version on your iPhone device.